Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tips For Surviving The Summer In Lolita

Summer is approaching...and I'm ready for it!

I have new summery pieces in the mail that I'm just dying to add to my wardrobe, with strawberries and cherries and gingham galore. I can't seem to think anything but fruit for summer, not really anyway.

I've really been trying to think of things that can help beat the heat and stay kawaii without loosing half the meticulously planned coordinate that we all plan out before meet ups, or daily life for those of us who wear the frills on a daily basis. However, I do have things I've always carried around for a summer day and SOME ideas that I would like to put into action.

1) Lightweight  Blouses and Boleros.

Btssb Lace and Frill Bolero

Of course it doesn't have to be chiffon blouses and boleros they can be lightweight cotton too, but out of most fabrics these are probably the easiest to wear when picnicking outdoors. Where blouses are the usual staple to any Loli wardrobe, boleros are also a cooler choice when trying to beat the heat. And if you are daring when it gets TOO hot you can always remove your bolero a lot easier than a blouse (if need be!). Which brings me to my next tip...

2) Coordinate Accordingly.
AP Halterneck jsk with lace bolero definitely kept me cool today.
I said that chiffon materials are really light weight and helps keep you cool outdoors but think of where your meet is being held. Is it in a highly shaded area? Is it in an AC~ed environment? Will you be moving from hot to cold? If you don't know exactly the itinerary for your meet, check with the hostess or call ahead if there is a contact for the location. Being prepared always makes coordinating easier on the you and your clothing.

3) Keep Cool With A Fan.
Btssb Fans

Of course, having a fan on hand is always a wonderful thing, especially when the design of your fan accents your coord (doesn't have to, but it's cute). Though it may turn out to be one more thing to carry, it's good to keep on you just in case.

4) Drink Lots Of Water.

This should go without saying, really. It's good for your body and skin and helps maintain your body temperature. It also replaces the water you would loose throughout the day and create a better balance. You don't have to go around chugging a bottle of water during a meet but even doing so before would be a great benefit to you.

5) If There's Lolita There's Tea!

Not entirely true...but a very prevalent theme in meets and I, of course, can't go without. I like to beat the heat with iced cold teas if I can draw myself away from a hot cup. The wonderful thing is now there is more than your generic iced green teas that you can find at any convenience store.

If you're really creative and into making a lovely picnic even more so pick out a fruit blend from your super market (or Teavana) and you can either make your own iced drink or turn it into a frozen pop! That idea of course only works well if you have access to a freezer or an awesome cooler. Get creative

I'll post a tutorial for some of my favorite blends that I've cooked up and enjoyed over the start of our more summery weather.

6) Hats...
AP Logo Plate Straw Hat

I do usually coord with a cute Boater cap or some sort of vintage chapeau that I tend to pick from antique shops. Speaking of boater caps, they're also historically known as a conotier, surprisingly enough, and worn by men and women as early as the mid-19th century. Keeping a cap on can help keep you from getting too much sun.

7) Parasols.
AP Whipped Cherry Berry Umbrella

What can I say besides it keeps you out of the sun more and allows you to actually walk around and enjoy more space. Parasols go waaaaaayyyy back and have always been seen as a sign of prosperity. They were always seen