Saturday, October 12, 2013

LBC: My Favorite Print Theme In Lolita

Looking through Lolibrary, Hello Lace, and every brand website I just can't stop myself from tagging favorite pieces, whether for the intricate and well thought out cut of a piece or simply the print itself, I'm almost always checking out something new in lolita.

So, as it is for many, you can understand my conundrum of picking out one favorite print, so here's my most favorite of prints.


In lolita there tends to be a wide variety of prints and each theme tends to be favored by someone. Most brands, whether Japanese or indie, tend to love our beloved Alice in Wnderland, of course what's not to love? However, there is hardly enough out there for Peter Pan, I believe I can only think of two dress prints that are anything inspired by J.M.Barrie's tale of a boy who never aged and lived on the back of the wind. 

Now, i'm fairly certain if you've read any of my first posts in my blog, you'll know just how much i love this particular print. Night Fairy Fantasia was and will always be my number 1 dream print, there is definitely sentimental value for me, tucked away in every detail.

Never has a print so captivated me as much as this one has. The story of Peter Pan and Neverland has always been a favorite story of mine and to see it so well depicted on a dress has me quite smitten that I feel like I could stand to acquire all color ways split across either jumper skirt styles.

I recently received the black color way in the version pictured aboveor quite a reasonable price, I was ecstatic when I saw it went for my initial bid.

The print itself floats with different iconic images from the story, Neverland, Big Ben, and the Jolly Roger, they're all there. I do love this print so much and have been on a hunt for more pieces from the series and Neverland themed prints and designs.

Recently, Baby and Alice released a special dress series and put out several different designs and pieces and one happened to be a Tinkerbell theme dress design.

A gorgeous set that after seeing it in the show made me hope for something else Neverland~ish to come our way from Baby or Alice. I feel they may come through with more prints soon enough, fingers crossed.

Another brand that has done a Neverland/Peter Pan piece would be by Samantha Rei, formerly of Blasphamena's Closet, under the new label Samantha Rei. She designed this absolutely adorable dress in a green color way that reminds me of the murky waters of the pirate harbor. The print name is Shooting Star and the jsk is called Rose.

I really love Neverland and it's wonderful stories of adventure and truly hope for more to come in prints and designs in lolita. 

I'm not the only one who wrote about their favorite prints and designs in lolita, check out these other lovelies and what they think in this edition of the Lolita Blog Carnival. You can learn more about it on the Facebook page, here.

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