Sunday, December 21, 2014

An Afternoon Of Frills And Tea

Lolita fashion, for me, is not a small thing. I feel lucky for what I have and for the ability to make and the time to wear it. I also consider myself very lucky that my family and my husbands family like it or are used to it enough to know this is just what I like to wear.

What I love though is that my sister-in-law and her daughter find it just as much fun as I do. From time to time we will wear it if we go out someplace fun or interesting, one that doesn't involve food even though we are foodies, but it's fun to enjoy with them.

Today we enjoyed our own little afternoon tea with a friend and her daughter, both of whom dress in Lolita. We had planned to have our own little get together for a while now for just us and the little ones who both wear and love the frills just as much as we do. We did figure a small group with just them and parents would be nice and they wouldn't feel too shy and get their own little group going. Boy was that a great idea!

Everyone came to my house and prepped and baked for our afternoon tea. It was super messy and delightful and delicious. Once the mixing and plating of sandwiches and table setting was done the girls got extremely giggly and played for a good while as the three of us talked and finished up with the baking. Everyone had dressed up except for my sister-in-law whom the girls picked out an excellent coordinate for so we sent her off to change.

After that, we had actually finished baking and brewing teas and hot chocolates everything went so well. It was nice to enjoy the afternoon at the table with music and good food and good company.  It was so nice to encourage a younger group to enjoy frills. Do you have anyone like this in your family or comm?

Our spread (Credit: Michiru)

Friday, December 19, 2014

LBC: Personal Lolita Goals For 2015

Every year I look at what's happened, coordinates I've made, sewing and crafting projects I've completed, and meets I've attended or hosted. There seems to be a few things that I always set aside in hopes to do but they always seem more meet up related. This weeks LBC involves blogging about our personal Lolita goals for next year.

★ Hosting More Extravagant or Intriguing Meet Ups 

This is always one of the biggest goals for me. I love being going places that have an interesting bit of history or decorations or involve having an activity to do. I think it works as a good ice breaker, especially if you are new and haven't met anyone in your local comms yet, and the location offers to open dialogue or is simply pleasing/interesting to be around.

This past August, one of my dear friends and I hosted an afternoon tea at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. It included a house tour as well as having the afternoon tea which was held in the dinning room amongst some of the artifacts of the house and case files tucked away on display in the cabinet. There were prizes and games and intriguing, only one meet of a few like this, but I hope to do more or attend more in 2015.

★Having More Mini-Meets★

As much as I LOVE bigger more detailed meets I also miss and would love to go to more mini-meets at one of my comms local haunts. My comm has a lot of lovely frilly people and are certainly welcome to these but I do miss going with a few of my closer frillies and just enjoy cupcakes and tea.

Short. Simple. Sweet.

★Sewing More Outfits And Crafting★
Now that I have my serger up and going I have been running mad through my fabric stashes and cutting out different styles of jsks and ops and blouses. I have 4 I can complete without having to run to the fabric store, which is almost impossible! And as for crafting I've been beading and making headdresses for prizes or to wear for different meets so...

I would like to make more outfits and pieces for myself for meets and maybe create a stock to start a small store.

★Better Coords★

My cords are not the best. I do tend to wear Lolita every time I go out that I am not working and I don whatever happens to floats my boat that day but it doesn't mean I'm very good at coordinating. I would simply like to improve my cords, hair, and my make up skills.


★Blog More★
I'd like to blog more, improve my writing and share. I keep meaning to make more posts but I get caught up with other know the usual life stuff. But I enjoy blogging so I'd like to do more.
★Take More Pictures★
Whether at meet ups or simple coord shots I sometimes forget I have a camera and forget to use it even if I want to catch a memory or moment that I'm cherishing. But I suppose that's just it I'm in the moment so much that I forget which is okay too. And to couple with this thought I need to learn to pose and take better pictures. I'm just so derpy!
★Buy Mo' Brand★
Any color but really looking for the red.
Okay so this is what everyone more or less wants but getting a few more dream dresses and staple pieces (I need to make or buy a lavender blouse to match the black Night Fairy Fantasia!) would be great.
Something like this would be close to ideal.


This weeks LBC seems to have inspired quite a few bloggers and I'm super excited to see such a huge response. Check them out!

Friday, December 12, 2014

LBC: Winter Lolita Look

This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival is going for a Winter Lolita Look and I have looked through my wardrobe and pondered what would do. My mind went to fur caplets and wintery colors and layers of fabric and all I wanted to do was throw on some frills and chill out with a new hot chocolate mix that I cooked up.
And this is what I could think of closest to a winter look off the top of my head for a winter look.
Small Rundown:
Blouse/Bloomers/Petti: Handmade
JSK/Headbow: Btssb
Shoes (Not Seen): Antaina
Everything Else: Offbrand

The heavy wool dresses always make me feel like I'm ready for winter and the cold. What I'd like to add to this would be a beret and a cardigan but this is what I have and feel is appropriate.
If you would like to learn more about the topics or the Lolita Blog Carnival as a whole feel free to check us out, here. If you wish to join be sure to follow the rules in the description of the group.
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Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter International Lolita Day 2014

This year's ILD Winter was fabulous! That's pretty much all that needs to be said for the event. The RI comm and Boston comm held a joint meet at the Boston's Langham hotel's Reserve lounge, which the hostesses, Sweet Okashi, East Coast Pocket Princess, and your's truly picked for our venture.

It was an afternoon tea service that was super delicious and enjoyable for all. The Langham was impeccable and cattered to our every need which was prearranged with the staff to adjust the space to our 35 person guest list. They were also very obliging with taking care of our allergy list and dietary restrictions for those who could not eat peanuts or were vegetarian or vegan, ensuring delicious goodies for all! The staff were also very lovely taking group pictures for our tables and even the concierge got involved with taking a huge group photo for us in the lobby.

We were well taken care of for certain.

As for surprises and gifts we has outdone ourselves and had 3 prizes, a necklace from me, in red, gold, and clear beads to resemble a bit of a snowflake, a hair conotier in white and gold from Sweets shop Altilier Sucre, a gift certificate for $25 for Baby NYC, and handmade ornaments, made by my mother and I, for everyone. 

The prizes were awarded by lottery which was drawn by numbers printed on the backs of our seating cards that Sweet made, which were super cute! We used a number generator on our phones and it made things much easier for our event.

Everyone was super excited and I believe thoroughly enjoyed the event and the tea service. People took pictures and chatted and I did pretty much goof off with my girls, which I think everyone did pretty much. We did have people coming to their first meet and a ton of regulars from both comms which was fabulous. I don't usually get to venture that often into Boston comm territory so for me it was great and I got to meet a lot of new faces that I had seen on fb.

As far as coordinates go I was super tricked out with my dream coordinate! I kid you not, I have a dream Coord and I was beside myself with how cute I thought it was. I have dreamed of wearing Baby's Fragrant Rose Memories with a pink Triple Fortune bonnet, which I missed my chance to aquire at Rufflecon this past October, and I had simply lucked out this year because a girl I had met was selling one she acquired at RC and I swooped it up. Mwahahahahahaaaa!


The pinks, I believe, picked up the pinks in the Jsk nicely. (Please excuse my excitement)

I truly enjoyed the food, the friends, and the meet as a whole, it was super lovely and I am so glad to have been able to help out.


Friday, December 5, 2014

LBC: 2015 Lolita Trend Forecast

Thank you for joining us tonight with the Lolita Blog Carnival for this years prediction of the 2015 Lolita Trend Forecast. I'm your host, Madeline Hatter, reporting to you semi~conscious and full of tea!

We'll definitely be more into Indie Brands this coming year. More Lolita will be interested in not just Korean or Chinese indie brands but there has been an uprising of US based brands that I think people are starting to get a little more into.

Not only are we having an uprising of Classic Lolita, mantillas are taking the fashion community by storm. And they come in different lengths and styles which seems to really get a lot of Lolitas going. I believe this trend is going to get stronger and come out with several shades to compliment coords.

The cuts and lengths of our frills are beginning to change and I think this will get stronger and widen the spectrum for more fun in the fashion. Lolitas seem to be enjoying more umpire waists and longer lengths of skirts that are not just cupcake shape. I for one am enjoying this and think this is a wonderful trend to encourage.

And all you faint of frilly hearts prepare yourselves, the rise of boy~style is imminent! It has been silently taking a foothold within our community and it will become a storm to be reckoned with. Be still your little hearts and watch out for some saucy eye action from a pantalooned thief of hearts! I truly believe this may have been a result of Rufflecon.

So watch out for the inclement fashion storm coming frillies and check out others who have taken to this topic for the Lolita Blog Carnival!

F Yeah Lolita

Monday, November 24, 2014

Bout Time For A Wardrobe/Haul Post Frillies

As the holiday seasons approach I have been planning on reorganizing my wardrobe. I keep seeing other Lolita's post their wardrobe organizing process, tips, storage, and closet clean outs and figure 'Tis the season!'

I did recently score a few ridiculously awesomely priced purchases and I do know what my Christmas gift from the hubby is and I'm on the verge of blasting MC Melody Dolls songs on my iPad as I organize. In reality this may turn into rolling on the floor in a pile of frills. Let's see how long my resolve to organize holds up.

As far as having any sort of lists, I like having very specific ones with dates and colors, I'm almost OCD about the list. The actual organizing the wardrobe part....not so much. I have put them in orders of colors, by style, and by brand, and then a combination of color and brand, but I have yet to find a way of organizing that I like.

How do you get your wardrobe to be how you like it? What tips do you like? Don't hesitate to share.
In the past I've held off on doing any kind of wardrobe post not seeing a need or having a desire to do so. However, I've found a reason on simply being able to organize what I have and reflect on how I've grown in this fashion. I have only ever sold about 3 pieces due to sizing issues so what you see here is what I have acquired since the beginning. I still view my wardrobe as a work in progress and hope others see theirs as one as well.

So, without further ado, I bring you my wardrobe.

My Very First Purchases.
Btssb, Tartan Check JSK, Blue
IW, Trump Alice Long JSK, Dusty Rose
The Dream Dress Section
Aatp, Night Fairy Fantasia JSK I, Cloud Sky
Aatp, Night Fairy Fantasia JSK II, Starry Night
Btssb, Fragrant Rose Memories Camelot JSK, Rosemary
Btssb, My Sweet Mate Kumya Trick Or Treat JSK, Ms. Witch
Dream Piece Section
Triple Fortune, Bonnet!!! Pink
Fanciest Of The Fancy
Btssb, Soiree Of The Beginning Of My Memories OP, Ivory (Matching Bonnet)
JetJ, Le Décor De Ruban OP, Grey
Chantilly, Chantillic Ribbon OP, White
Aatp, Last Note ~Faint Spring Song~ JSK, Ivory
Semi-Sweet Stuff
Btssb, Alice Trick~Or~Treat JSK, Black
Btssb, Flowers And Ribbons Salon OP, Black
Btssb, Sweet Jewelry Princess JSK, Black (Matching Headbow)
AP, Sweet Strawberry Ribbon JSK, Black (Matching Headdress)
  ETC, Ice Cream Sundae JSK, Black
AatP, Rose Ribbon Back JSK, Wine
IW, Rose Playing Cards JSK, Red (Matching Headbow + Socks)
More Classic Frills

IW, Trump Alice Short JSK, Black
Btssb. Floral JSK, Cream
Meta, Pintuck JSK, Navy
Btssb, Houndstooth Scallop JSK, Red (Matching Headbow)
VM Beth, Floral OP, Pink
IW, Ball At Versailles High Waisted JSK, Biege
Sweet And Pink

Btssb, Cherry Cherry Falling Cherry Frill JSK, Pink (Matching Headbow)
Btssb, Café Print Candy JSK, Pink
Btssb, Alice Portrait Skirt, Pink
Btssb, Alice Chess Print JSK, Pink
Btssb, Alice's Mirage in Paradox White Queen JSK, Pink (Matching Bonnet)
A+Lidel Carosel JSK, Blue
AP, School Girl Halterneek JSK, Blue
AP, Floral Halterneck JSK, Mint (Matching Headbow)
Btssb, Marrianne OP, Pink (Matching Headbow)
AP, Back Ribbon Jacket, Magenta
AP, Vertical Lace And Ribbon Skirt, Magenta
Btssb, Bon-Bon Chocolate Dance Dance Dance Praline Jsk, Off-white

Some Darker Hues

Btssb, Scalloped Hem JSK, Black
AP, Scallop Ribbon Color Scheme Halterneck JSK, Black (Matching Headbow)
Meta, Music Note Bustle JSK, Black
Meta, Shirred OP, Black
Meta, Houndstooth Underbust JSK, Black
AatP, Merry Making In The Ghost Town JSK I, Red (Matching Headbow + Socks)
Meta, Vintage Record High Waisted Pinafore JSK, Navy
Aatp, Funeral Procession Of Rose ~ Aria Blooming In Twilight JSK I, Lavendar
Fruits And Sweets

AP, Candy Treat JSK, Lavender (Matching Headbow)
AP, Dream Drop JSK, Lavender
Meta, Gingham Cherry JSK, Pink
Meta, Vintage Cherry Ribbon JSK, Yellow (Matching Headbow)
Blouses & Boleros
Aatp, Jozielia Blouse, Ivory
Meta, High Collared Flared Sleeve Blouse, White
VM, Lace Ribbon Puff Sleeved Blouse, Black
Btssb, Peter Pan Collared Blouse, White
AP, Dot Chiffon Bolero, White


Btssb, Merry Pagota Parasol, Pink
Btssb, Lace & Frill Parasol, Cream
Lumiebre, Alice Parasol, Black

Accessories Without A Match

Meta, Biscuit Headbow, Pink
Aatp, Victorian Card Print Bonnet, Black
Aatp, Victorian Card Print Headdress, Pink
IW, Half-Bonnet, Black
Btssb, Headbow, Pink
Btssb, Alice Clock Bag, Ivory
Aatp, Fairytale Book Bag, Black
Aatp, Lace Tulle Underskirt, Off-white
Chantilly, Detachable Bow, Blue
AP, Dream Fantasy Ponchette Bag, Pink

Okay so that is all of my BRAND I own not including any bodyline I own (a few blouses), Off-Brand blouse (lots of those), Hand-made jsks, blouse, and headdress (a whole ton of these and more coming), and Indie Brand (of which I have only one blouse, one dot chiffon overcoat, and one jsk).
Just one section but most of this is the brand stuffs.
What's in YOUR Wardrobe?
So now that I have the brand part out of the way, here is an extremely messy photo of a part of this wardrobe...It's a mess and this is why I need to organize....and I have two more blouses, 2 boleros, and a jsk coming in soon....
The bottom row are all of the bows and bonnets and headdresses, all out of sorts looking, but they are actually placed in two rows and not as messy as they appear. 
I will be back in a few hours...days...if no one hears from me then I've been swallowed by the brand monster...


Saturday, November 22, 2014

LBC: A Coord Inspired By Your Favorite Novel

This type of post was a long time coming.

Picking just one story was very difficult for me as I pick up a new book to read and get whisked off on another adventure and distracted by imagery and intrigue! Though I don't live my life by reading my life away I do spend a rather large quantity of time pouring over the pages. Just a few posts ago I made several coordinates based off of fairy tale stories, which I rather enjoy.

I decided to go with Death On The Cliffwalk by Mary Kruegar.

I had tried to make a coord based around one of the main characters dresses but fell short due to constant procrastination, however this time I pushed through. I did have to zip through a few pages to look up an outfit that the heroine wears, there are quite a few to choose that could do even a little justice.

Anywho, here I go with what I have available at the moment.

The story is set in the hot seat of Rhode Island's high society summer cottages, home of the Vanderbilts, Astors, and quite a few more, during the summer of 1895. Women's fashion consisted of high collars, flowery, feather hats, and big bustleslike you couldn't believe!

I choose IW Playing Cards jsk do to the style and the rose motif throughout the dress. The story is a mystery in which the killer leaves his victims on the cliffwalks between Newport estates with a single rose placed nearby to make everyone suspect a serial killer targeting maids.

Rose cameo broaches and earrings to add to the look.

I would dye these to match the dress better.
I know this is all rather short and not collaged or anything like that but I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope it also encourages you to pick up the book and take a read, it's short and simple and an easy read to pass the time.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Little Behind In Things...

Welcome all!

I just recently got back from maybe one of the most scheduled packed months of my life. Rufflecon was the starting point with previous months of planning and putting together of coords and sewing/crafting projects and then catapulted into my comms annual Halloween meet up of Frills and Chills that my friend, SweetOkashi and myself plan every year.

However, this was not all in the high velocity planning department over here at The Bloody Tea Party, oh no, it was not that simple. October was the month I was to marry my then fiancé now husband (weird things happen) and I had a little less than a month to pull together a very family gathering for the last day of the month to hold a wedding on.

I had bought my dress at Rufflecon actually from Enchantilly! Here is one picture of the dress, I still don't have many but this is probably the best I have.

The ceremony had been held on the balcony and it was actually pretty windy out so this lovely little dot chiffon overcoat was a lovely addition gifted to me by my best friend and Matron of Honor Sweet, which made of lovely addition to my outfit. I actually made my veil and since it was Halloween day I wanted to incorporate something fitting and added a mask I decorated in flowers and jewels and lace. I elongated the onepiece by adding a lace tulle underskirt from Alice and The Pirates which gave a nice touch as well.

Overall, it was a lovely ceremony and reception and yes I wore Lolita because it wouldn't be my wedding without it.

After all that I've been cleaning house and planning new things for me trying to get my life in order. I will be posting more sewing projects, I have one on the burner at this very moment, and post about the awesomeness of my serger and any new purchases I get (I think I still have a haul post to write about from August....).

Anywho, there is more to come!!!!

Until next time, be prepared for more exploits here at The Bloody Tea Party.

Monday, October 27, 2014

LBC: Your Halloween Style

As most of you frillies who read this blog know, I love Halloween! It has to be my most favorite holiday of the year and I love finding out all the little historic tidbits about it as well as enjoy the candy filled events that accompany it. This year will be a bit different for me though as I will not be participating in a full night of horror movies and trick~or~treaters.

The reason being is it will be my wedding day.

How this relates to this blog post is surprisingly simple. I will be dressed in mostly brand pieces from Enchantilly and Alice and The Pirates, anything else will be handmade or antique pieces that I've found on my journey through life. I'm very excited about this since it is my wedding and the dress is very special to me and working on all of it has been easy and simply but elegant. My veil will be two layers that I put together or made with pearls and flowers and a mask to add the an elegant Halloween feel and to give a longer look I added a lacey tulle underskirt from Alice and The Pirates.

I'll post pictures after the wedding of what I wear ^_^.

For past Halloween styles I have always gone out and put together something usually witchy and cute.

So for all of you frillies who have been keeping up on the Lolita Blog Carnival check out the others who have posted for this topic! If you want to learn more about the LBC or join you can look us up here, but please read the rules prior to asking to join.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Things That Go Down At Rufflecon

So let me regale you with tales of Rufflecon, my very first con ever!

The whole event was truly marvelous, I had been planning and waiting a whole year for this to come by and it was just amazing from start to finish.
With my V.I.P. ticket I was given first dibs in many things like the marketplace and consignment rooms and a tote bag filled with many goodies with a few really lovely gifts from Enchantilly and Triple Fortune. I also got a complimentary ticket to the high tea which was really lovely and fun, but in all honesty Rufflecon had so much more to give.

This is what most pics evolved into
The halls of the Omni hotel where the con took place was jam packed with frills and lovely people. I met so many new faces and roomed with my local comm which was awesome so I got to spend a lot of time with everyone.

One of my favorite things was the fashion show!

It was a lot of work and I was super nervous but the staff, translators, and designers really were helpful and caring and amazing to work with. I know that a lot of stress had to have gone down but everyone was stellar and wonderful to be around and they worked hard.

Even though we had been models for only one or two brands people were allowed to mingle within the dressing room. I felt everyone was super friendly and supportive of each other, I took a lot of candid shots in between rehearsals and dressing.

I couldn't resist getting a bunch of selfies with these two.

The director and designer of Triple Fortune, Babi-san and Kaie-san, were seriously amazing and it was a great opportunity to get to work with them. I was awed by them and a little intimidated because they were simply so cool, but they were friendly and kind and funny and I feel privileged to have had the chance to model for them.

Eep! Corsets!
Aside from the fashion show and chilling with some fabulous people and having many many random dance parties I won a wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs and eyelashes as well which were fabulous and I put on for the masquerade that was later. I also got so many buttons from vendors and a need for a corset from Redfield.

I have a zillion of these on my phone and camera.
 The variety show was cute and the participants seemed to have quite a deal of fun. The entries were all really impressive and fun and creative and I have the urge to enter the handmade contest next year and the talent portion as well.

The Masquerade kicked off with Triple Fortune's band called Brilliant Kingdom...I can not tell you how big of a fangirl I had become...I know I'm not the only one either. Fangirl-tendencies aside, they brought an amazing performance to the stage that I thoroughly enjoyed rocking out to. The other groups that played were all lively and fun as well, at one point I joined a group of ladies rocking out and we morphed into a little bit of Victorian styled dancing and then later on after that we all bounced around to Platform One's awesome performance and sang along with Voltaire.

 Although, there were other things to be done during the Masquerade, like Jojo poses, we ended up getting roped in to a smashingly good time at a steampirate tea party. I'm going to be honest, I heard tea party and couldn't resist and it was a whole ton of fun brought by The Pirate Crew Of The Dead Rabbit.

I did manage to make a few purchases, including my wedding dress which I bought from Enchantilly. Fumiko-san was very happy to hear I was going to wear it. She was just so super lovely and cute and genuinely sweet person, I'm very glad to have gotten a chance to meet her.

Well, That is all for now frillies, I'm in need of some tea and sewing to get myself out of post-con depression. Yes, I think I got it bad. Yes, I think I may have lost my mind a bit. And yes, I think everyone I met at this con was absolutely super to have gotten a chance to meet. There was too much to be had and I really can't wait till next year, I had a complete blast!

All I know is this evolved very quickly and mysteriously into this.

I was certainly not prepared for this at all!

Thank you all for such a wonderful time!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Project Goals For Rufflecon

Aaaahhhhh!!! The con is only 12 days away and I am not ready!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I guess you can tell which stage of the game procrastination I'm at....

But, never fear, my frillies! Your's truly, Madeline Hatter is getting a full week off if work to panic and not procrastinate. And I do have a plan of attack for this week and the next, but to keep myself grounded here is a rundown of projects that I've been working on little by little.

The first and most important project is my new blouse for my Fragrant Rose Memories coordinate. I've already made the shell of the blouse and need to do the darting and Juliet sleeves, all I need to add to the sleeves are the circular flounces at the bottoms. I'm going to use this gorgeous lace to them and the neckline, which I'm dropping and adding another ruffle. I also bought beautiful buttons.

I don't have much time for this one but I can pump out the blouse in a full day or two.

The second would be the headdress I've been working on to match it. I've been checking out every store that has fake flowers to find the best matches to what's on the rosemary colorway of the jsk and I plan on adding a few jeweled chains here and there.

The next is another floral corsage for one coordinate that kind of was last minute and I'm thinking will be absolutely awesome! I'm actually doing a minor variation on the Leo constellation coordinate I did a while ago for the Lolita Blog Carnival. It won't be an exact match but that idea is where I'm starting with minor variations's a secret. OMy headdress though will be EPIC!

My masquerade mask will be probably the last thing I really need to do. I may decide to go and do it with make-up.

I also have to finish a necklace for My First Soirée....I feel as though I am forgetting a few things but for really making things I think my plans are laid out here. There are a few extra things though, which basically means I will be a basket case sometime before the con....

Another project, and sooooooo last minute and unplanned, would be a whole other jsk/op (who the frak really knows!) but that would be more of a leisure piece and possibly to keep my head on straight more than anything else.

And last! Last! Last! Would be my business cards. A lot of other girls are doing them too and I have been wanting to make some. My plans are to collect as many as possible! Mwahahaha!

So those are my plans for tomorrow....I need to go brew myself a whole lot of tea....have a cup or three. Enjoy yours while I go a little nutty over mine!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

LBC: 3 Things I Would Tell My Beginner Self

My, how this week flew by!

I had barely posted my review on Tokyo Rebel's reopening and it's already Friday to post another Lolita Blog Carnival post. This week's topic is about the 3 things I would tell myself when I was a beginner and a few things did pop into my head real quick.

The first, and biggest thing that makes me face palm hard was not having jumped into the fashion sooner. I would tell myself to stop and smell the roses and actually throw myself down that rabbit hole.

I had mentioned before that I had happened on the fashion while working on an actual play (fancy that, an actual show and no one even bothered to ask if I was in a play). I wanted a big hair band kind of look and Mana takes over my screen in one of his pretty dresses. Click. Lolita fashion suddenly tumbles before my eyes. However, life was so busy I didn't really get a chance to think twice about it. My biggest regret is not getting into the fashion sooner. I could have had so many more pieces and when they were newer and easier to find.

The second, which sort of goes hand in hand with the first, is I would tell myself to get involved with the community sooner and meet the comms around me sooner.

I didn't have too much with identifying brands (don't know why) nor did I have issues figuring out replicas from real pieces (I was far to paranoid and wanted the real things) so it wasn't about the pieces or rules at all. I simply love the comm I have now, the bigger more involved group I have and the closer knit group of friends I've gained from the community. They are all wonderful and lovely and I am so thankful for them, but I would tell myself to have still gotten involved sooner and not have been worried about what other people say.

The last and third thing I would have told my beginner self to help me along would be to get more involved in my sewing.

I had been starting to get more involved at that point, making costumes for the shows I was directing and not really feeling confident to wander into Lolita fashion territory. I had started to take hints of it and working it in here and there. I would have liked to have told myself to work the silhouette more and make wristcuffs and other accessories as well.

So many things I would have loved to have been encouraged by someone, but that's all I can do now I suppose.

My goals now are to encourage other beginners to get more involved in the communities and learn more about the fashion before and to sew a whole heck of a lot more.

That's it for this topic though. I could go on and on as I'm sure you well know.

If you want to know what other lovelies think about this topic check out there posts down below!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tokyo Rebel and Baby NYC Store Review!!!

Hello frillies!

Last month I managed a trek down to Baby the Stars Shine Bright NYC and Tokyo Rebel's store down on Allens Street in New York for my birthday and bought some fabulous pieces. I figured it actually would be good to do a haul post and a review of the store as well. It simply seems everyone has been too excited (including me) about actually having a brand store back on the east coast that some things get forgotten.

But this doesn't mean my eyes were all starry and goofy the entire time as I nearly paraded to and through the store. *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* 

So the first thing I did notice was that the shop was twice as wide as the original Tokyo Rebel had been. Length wise it was nearly the same, a little deeper though, so all in all it's bigger than most tof the other Lolita shops I've been too in Japan and the US. Most shops are small especially in shopping centers and are about the size of the original TR shop space, so this was very nice.

The set up is sooo cute and wonderful! A few tables and stands in the middle with different accessories and pieces on display, all done up and decked out. When there are parasols to be had they are placed around the store on the displays or racks. Blythe dolls and bags adorn the shelves and posters decorate the walls and manaquins are set with different coordinates in the shop windows. I honestly can not wait to go back!

There was a few things that I noted that they should put on their website and came as a bit of a shock to me since I've had a completely different experience in the past with every shop I've been too. Now this was major but not a bad thing to have as rules, I honestly think these are very good rules but left me completely unprepared. 

The first, and not an issue for me and definitely smartest, was that bags and water bottles were asked to be left behind the counter. Most shops do this, not even a shock, you don't want anything spilling on things and damaging them, for sure. And well the bags is very obvious, of course.

Second, which this one was the real surprise to me, was that you aren't allowed to try things on without a blouse or t-shirt. 

I know some people may think me dumb because it may seem common sense but all of my past experiences with any Lolita brand store, including TR, never had that as a rule. Every year for my birthday when TR was on Avenue B I'd go try on a few pieces and then buy one for my birthday. Never had to wear a blouse or tee and never asked. And in Japan they had a blouse and petticoat to try things on and I saw that I was not the only girl who was handed one to do so. So obviously I would not readily jump to this conclusion.

This truly isn't an issue for most lolita who go to try things on, but I happened to be wearing jeans and a sparkly flowy tank since it was mid~summer so you can see my problem. 

I feel silly now though since it would of course make better sense and be easier for keeping pieces in better condition to sell. All I can say is if you are not going to wear Lolita to the store either wear a tee or bring one you can have tucked in your bag. 

Next time I shall come prepared! Mwahahaha!

All in all, the staff was super nice and the standards are excellent for shop keeping and product safety. It is truly wonderful to have Tokyo Rebel back in NY and to finally have a Baby the Stars Shine Bright as well.

I'm sorry I didn't really get any pictures, but I'll make a haul post of what I bought soon.

LBC: My Most Prized Piece Of My Wardrobe

Everyone has a favorite print or piece for one or another reason.

My most prized piece is of course my Night Fairy Fantasia jsk I in the Misty Sky colorway. I absolutely adore and cherish this particular piece so much. It, of course, is more than just because of the imagery   on this garment itself but the experience that came with it.

I know I've told the reason and why a zillion times before but it really is a happy memory for me.

The fact that when the info had been released and I was given the option to get it and opted to save for my Japan trip instead gave me a wonderful opportunity to get it right from the store. That whole wonderful happenstance was insane and awesome! I hadn't been aware of store release dates at the time since I had never tried to do a reserve before, buying mostly second hand and the occasional birthday present direct when Tokyo Rebel had it's original store on Avenue B, so I didn't realize I would be there just in time. 

But still, I will always remember the awe walking into Marui and going up the escalators to the floor for Alice and The Pirates shop and seeing it right when I walked was simply amazing!

And thinking that it was just an off chance that I'd see any of the series pieces it was so much fun being taken by the shop girl with a blouse and petticoat to try it on with. I knew I looked like a mess and was probably horrifying to be seen trying it on without makeup or my hairdone up nicely but the staff was wonderful and helped me pick out all sorts of things to make a coord.

The details of this piece are so lovely, the rouched chiffon peplum and slightly sparkled print with all the details of Neverland, I will never get over this series. And recently, I've received some things to add on to the entire coord.

What's your most prized piece? Was there a great experience in acquiring it? Comment below, I'd love to hear your story!

This past Christmas a friend gave me the matching necklace from the series, I was so excited I threw it on right after opening it. (Thank you again Tenshi!) Another piece I recently got was the AAtp clock bag in cream for my birthday. (I should really do a haul post...)

Anywho, NFF is my most prized piece in my wardrobe and if you wish to hear more from other Lolitas who have written on the topic check them out on their blogs here:

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Usamimi Tea Time

Northern Star

Going to grab a cup now and enjoy, cheers!