Thursday, January 30, 2014

LBC: One Dress, Four Seasons

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

LBC: Lolita And You In 8 Years

To be completely honest, I've never been one to go with the norms of society and what they think is appropriate or go with the status quo, especially with clothing. It's not that I want to rebel I simply know that I am who I am and no one can force change on me.

This is not to say I will be still wearing sweet OTT any things, I tend to stay away from the more child like pieces, they simply are not my style. And I won't be wearing inappropriate attire to events that it's not quite appropriate for, I know when and where, although I may have a touch somewhere in my outfit.

I don't believe I will grow into an aristocrat style exclusively, or just wear gothic or classic, I think certain styles of sweet and country would still be alright if coordinated a certain way, and like. I've said I'm wearing it for me, no one else.

I think I will be more refind, lolita isn't exactly just a hobby for me, I think I'm too involved. And I also don't think I would have invested so much time, money, and effort into it if I wasn't going to enjoy it for a very long time, I feel it would be too much of a waste. All my sewing work alone makes me feel more secure in lolita and how I can make something for me in the long run.

What's your thought on it? Where do you see yourself? 

So though I'm not certain of what I would be exactly, I feel like. I know where I'd like to go.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

LBC: 3 Prints In Your Favorite Colorway


I cheated a little bit because they are catogorized as red but they are more like reds, maroons, and kind of a burgandy mix here, but they are shades of red none the less.

★My Sweet Mate Kumya's Trick Or Treat ☆ Baby The Stars Shine Bright 2013★

I really love this dress, I caved and bought the red, it was my favorite Colorway but I was torn between this and the blue but it worked out well in the end.

★Merry Making In The Ghost Town ☆ Alice And The Pirates 2013 ★

Though the stock picture makes it look so dark it's actually closer to what the Trick or Treat jsk looks like. This past August was super lovely with all the red pieces they came out with.

★Black Cat, Witch, And The Apple Tree☆Alice And The Pirates★

This piece is so lovely, I do love it in all of the color ways but the red is one of my top choices.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday and Frills, check back soon, I plan to make a few posts next week.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival First Of 2014: Trends You Predict For 2014

I've been wracking my brain for the past few days, weeks really, trying to predict what will be the newest trends of 2014.....and I only have a few inklings.


Within my community at least I have been seeing more and more Lolis taking their hands to fabrics and flowers and making pieces of their own to adorn their coordinates. I think this is a lovely movement and inspiring and adds a little more enjoyment to the already enjoyable fashion, whether big or small.

The bonnet I have been fighting with figuring out for god knows how long.


I think with the previous year's love of OTT Classic it will grow and morph even more. Whether adding it to a simple piece or soft lace opera gloves, I think we will be seeing new things for Loli's with lace.


Not quite new, but this is something growing stronger in Lolita.


I think this year will start with more bluish tones, whether solid pieces or prints, but I feel this may be the direction brands are going with color ways lately.


Did I mention how septres will take over every Loli's mind in 2014? 

That really all I have for now, I'm not to good at this but I will say I was excited to see last years prediction for bonnets was a good guess.

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What trends do you predict? 

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