Friday, August 1, 2014

Lizzie Borden Tour And Tea And Most Recent Mysteries

Today was a very successful day!

Though I am exhausted and now cuddling with my kittens watching the made for TV movie Lizzie Borden Took An Axe, I feel accomplished.

After a few months of plotting and planning a friend and I hosted an afternoon tea and tour at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts. It was a ton of work, we planned a trial game, which was more of a clue game that received a few very comical answers, and we had made prizes for Best Dressed and Best Themed Coordinate.

The boxes were painted by my co~hostess with bejeweled skulls and axes and banners all over them. Across the lid of the boxes she painted cute little labels like Lizzie Borden's Favorite Victim #13 and #666 and in the box across pretty goldish brown fabric were necklaces that I made, one black and gold, the other red and gold, they looked lovely in the boxes.

We weren't able to get a pick of the boxes, wish we had, but here is how the necklaces came out.

Everything was well received and the guests had a lovely time first taking a very detailed and invested tour. The docent who took us around was very good and I felt intriguing and unbiased in the telling of the facts, or so it seemed.

After the tour concluded we were taken to the dinning room of the house and sat with one of the most delicious looking afternoon teas I've ever been to (and as I am a Hatter that has been quite a few this year.). 

There were plates and plates of tea sandwiches and desserts and fruits, many different and pretty tea cups, and there was a tall tea stand filled with different cookies! My favorite was the chocolate covered peanut butter Bon bons. The propriatous of the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Leanne, was phenomenal, she really outdid our expectations. 

The price of the tour and tea was $30.00 with no tax and for the lot we were served and the tour that was given I was impressed, it was just so much for a good price. There was a minimum guest list number which had to be 10 guests which we had almost missed one. We lucked out though and managed to snag an extra guest with my mother who is a photographer and was our semi~official one for the meet.

After the tea we regrouped again outside and went into the gift shop and took a few more photos. We took several shots with my and my co~hostess and we took some cool ones next to the pear tree and a few prior to the meet. Everyone got a solo shot in front of the house and we took two group ones. One in the parlor and one in front of the house.

Of course our photographer had a little fun here and there with the sepia settings in her photoshop.

As I've said I have done several afternoon teas, I feel as though this held it's own and I would have to rate it as one of my top tier choices and would gladly do this again. Hopefully we'll have more in numbers to host for another tea party!

LBC: Most Versatile Piece I Own

Hello fellow Lolitas!

This weeks topic was a fun easy one, what is the most versatile thing in my closet, and for me there are really two things in particular.



I have pretty much tried to stay simple with blouses and make it easier for my wardrobe to match keeping everything going around three specific color blouses that I wear the most, black, cream, and white.

I do have other colors in my blouses but those tend to be the colors I carry the most of.


Floral headdresses! 

I have made so many of them and have enough with a variety of colors that I have one per coordinate. In truth, I kind of go a little crazy and generally make a new one for each coord but I'm not quite there that I do. However I do have at least three headdresses that can work with almost any coord.

What do you have that is the most versatile?

Well frillies, I'll keep this short and simple, that's all for today and since it is not out why don't you ice that tea and enjoy the rest of the day!

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