Saturday, September 20, 2014

LBC: 3 Things I Would Tell My Beginner Self

My, how this week flew by!

I had barely posted my review on Tokyo Rebel's reopening and it's already Friday to post another Lolita Blog Carnival post. This week's topic is about the 3 things I would tell myself when I was a beginner and a few things did pop into my head real quick.

The first, and biggest thing that makes me face palm hard was not having jumped into the fashion sooner. I would tell myself to stop and smell the roses and actually throw myself down that rabbit hole.

I had mentioned before that I had happened on the fashion while working on an actual play (fancy that, an actual show and no one even bothered to ask if I was in a play). I wanted a big hair band kind of look and Mana takes over my screen in one of his pretty dresses. Click. Lolita fashion suddenly tumbles before my eyes. However, life was so busy I didn't really get a chance to think twice about it. My biggest regret is not getting into the fashion sooner. I could have had so many more pieces and when they were newer and easier to find.

The second, which sort of goes hand in hand with the first, is I would tell myself to get involved with the community sooner and meet the comms around me sooner.

I didn't have too much with identifying brands (don't know why) nor did I have issues figuring out replicas from real pieces (I was far to paranoid and wanted the real things) so it wasn't about the pieces or rules at all. I simply love the comm I have now, the bigger more involved group I have and the closer knit group of friends I've gained from the community. They are all wonderful and lovely and I am so thankful for them, but I would tell myself to have still gotten involved sooner and not have been worried about what other people say.

The last and third thing I would have told my beginner self to help me along would be to get more involved in my sewing.

I had been starting to get more involved at that point, making costumes for the shows I was directing and not really feeling confident to wander into Lolita fashion territory. I had started to take hints of it and working it in here and there. I would have liked to have told myself to work the silhouette more and make wristcuffs and other accessories as well.

So many things I would have loved to have been encouraged by someone, but that's all I can do now I suppose.

My goals now are to encourage other beginners to get more involved in the communities and learn more about the fashion before and to sew a whole heck of a lot more.

That's it for this topic though. I could go on and on as I'm sure you well know.

If you want to know what other lovelies think about this topic check out there posts down below!

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