Saturday, November 22, 2014

LBC: A Coord Inspired By Your Favorite Novel

This type of post was a long time coming.

Picking just one story was very difficult for me as I pick up a new book to read and get whisked off on another adventure and distracted by imagery and intrigue! Though I don't live my life by reading my life away I do spend a rather large quantity of time pouring over the pages. Just a few posts ago I made several coordinates based off of fairy tale stories, which I rather enjoy.

I decided to go with Death On The Cliffwalk by Mary Kruegar.

I had tried to make a coord based around one of the main characters dresses but fell short due to constant procrastination, however this time I pushed through. I did have to zip through a few pages to look up an outfit that the heroine wears, there are quite a few to choose that could do even a little justice.

Anywho, here I go with what I have available at the moment.

The story is set in the hot seat of Rhode Island's high society summer cottages, home of the Vanderbilts, Astors, and quite a few more, during the summer of 1895. Women's fashion consisted of high collars, flowery, feather hats, and big bustleslike you couldn't believe!

I choose IW Playing Cards jsk do to the style and the rose motif throughout the dress. The story is a mystery in which the killer leaves his victims on the cliffwalks between Newport estates with a single rose placed nearby to make everyone suspect a serial killer targeting maids.

Rose cameo broaches and earrings to add to the look.

I would dye these to match the dress better.
I know this is all rather short and not collaged or anything like that but I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope it also encourages you to pick up the book and take a read, it's short and simple and an easy read to pass the time.

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