Friday, December 5, 2014

LBC: 2015 Lolita Trend Forecast

Thank you for joining us tonight with the Lolita Blog Carnival for this years prediction of the 2015 Lolita Trend Forecast. I'm your host, Madeline Hatter, reporting to you semi~conscious and full of tea!

We'll definitely be more into Indie Brands this coming year. More Lolita will be interested in not just Korean or Chinese indie brands but there has been an uprising of US based brands that I think people are starting to get a little more into.

Not only are we having an uprising of Classic Lolita, mantillas are taking the fashion community by storm. And they come in different lengths and styles which seems to really get a lot of Lolitas going. I believe this trend is going to get stronger and come out with several shades to compliment coords.

The cuts and lengths of our frills are beginning to change and I think this will get stronger and widen the spectrum for more fun in the fashion. Lolitas seem to be enjoying more umpire waists and longer lengths of skirts that are not just cupcake shape. I for one am enjoying this and think this is a wonderful trend to encourage.

And all you faint of frilly hearts prepare yourselves, the rise of boy~style is imminent! It has been silently taking a foothold within our community and it will become a storm to be reckoned with. Be still your little hearts and watch out for some saucy eye action from a pantalooned thief of hearts! I truly believe this may have been a result of Rufflecon.

So watch out for the inclement fashion storm coming frillies and check out others who have taken to this topic for the Lolita Blog Carnival!

F Yeah Lolita

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