Friday, April 3, 2015

LBC: How Would You Re~Do Your Wardrobe

Thinking back to the beginnings of my wardrobe I still feel my pulse quicken in excitement over my first pieces and how vast my wardrobe has become. If I were to go back and do it all over again it really wouldn't have turned out much different at all but with some minor additions. There were simply pieces I would keep putting on the back burner that now I know not to take advantage of. And as for storage I have dreams for sure!

First few things I would consider when re~doing my wardrobe would be to have a stronger focus on blouses. I would truly wish to bring in a ton more and would have fought myself more in the beginning to find a new one to go with every couple of purchases. 2014 was the year of picking up blouses for me. So, yeah, all the blouses.

My problem with Lolita is that I'm not one to pass up a good deal on a pretty jsk or op. With that caveat I don't own too many super sought after pieces from my wishlist but I am very attached to my pieces and enjoy them. I truthfully wouldn't want to change what I have and like having styles that span classic, sweet, and gothic and almost every substyle but I would like to try and save up and seek out more dream dresses this year. (Dear Closet Child, please secretly stash all my major wants for when I get there this year!)

As for wardrobe space....I've seen a few fabulous set ups but only one really made me want to redo mine. It had all the elegant trimmings and heart decorations and was simply lovely! I would like to have a more stylish design to my wardrobe and have been thinking of decoration my space to fit more of the aesthetic. I recently did most of my wardrobe up by color at least so hopefully soon I'll put in more effort!

Well, that's all for now, frillettes, I take my leave. However if you are interested in reading more check out these other frillies and how they would re~do their wardrobes.

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