Monday, December 21, 2015

5 Pieces That Every Lolita Wardrobe Should Have, Regardless Of Style

There are so many things that wind their way into a Lolita wardrobe that makes one wonder what is actually necessary. Like do you need that headdress that you paid top dollar for or is it important to have different color petticoats? It seems it is a difficult fashion to streamline what is important and what is grabby hands need but there are staples that everyone shouldn't go without.

1) Petticoats.

I think this is super important for anyone in the fashion to have. I would also note that depending on your style you should have more than one style and color of petti, for instance if you have A-line skirts and dresses but have a few cupcake shapes it be good to have the different style petticoats to work with it. If you only wear one color through your wardrobe, like all pinks and creams for instance, it's best to stay within that color pallet. It would be difficult to wear light colors with a dark petticoat or if you have only black in your wardrobe it would be easy to see if it shows below your skirts by accident.

2. One Main Hair Accessory For Every Different Color Pallet.

This one is a must in my mind. It doesn't matter if it's a headbow, hat, or bonnet. I think that for every set color you have in your wardrobe, I mean like if you have a lot of mint and creams in your wardrobe having a particular head piece that works with each color respectively.

3. The Right Shoes.

Shoes are just as important in Lolita fashion as it is in any fashion and it can definitely add to a look by being the right shade that matches all of your sweet or the most killer skull heeled pumps any gothic Lolita would dream of.

4. A Blouse In Every Style And Several Colors.

This is something I am working on even still and I think it's a very important piece to have access to in a wardrobe. Having a diverse wardrobe can be a bit of a killer pain when it comes to things like this. I like being able to have a great variety of blouses to cover bases and I think everyone should as well. Short sleeves and long are also important factors and having the right color blouse goes a long way in a wardrobe. You wouldn't have only a white blouse if you had a lot of creams and browns. you would probably find it best to have creams and tans and have them in several styles so that you aren't wearing the same blouse under every main piece.

5. An Assortment Of Socks Or Stockings.

To me, even starting off in Lolita, socks were one of my main issues. Finding good quality, long wearing, socks that would work with several coords was and still is important to me. I think it is important to the look and can make a very nice outfit look more polished with cute socks or stockings.

Week one is completed!!! I tried to be concise as there are so many things I think are important for a frilly to have and choosing just five was difficult. And I know that these may be my top five but you or others may have another thought on the matter (feel free to list your top five in the comments!).

This is all for tonight, I am about to pour myself a hot cup of yummy chamomile tea to relax with and grab a good horror novel to curl up with my cats with. I hope your evening is just as pleasant, good night!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge: A Topic A Week

A few days ago I stumbled on this really cool post from F! Yeah Lolita and figured it would be fun to do. It's been a while since I've done something like this aside from Lolita Blog Carnival topics and also think it will be neat to add it into the mix.

Here are the topics that I will start doing starting next week:

  1. 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style
  2.  5 movies for Lolitas
  3.  What my own Lolita lifestyle is like 
  4.  Favorite thing to put on my head
  5.  My wardrobe turnover
  6.  My favorite Lolita brand
  7.  Why I wear Lolita?
  8.  Why don't I wear Lolita more often?
  9.  5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style
  10.  How I first found out about Lolita
  11.  3 trends I wish would come back
  12.  Combining other fashions with Lolita
  13.  Lolitas I have met in real life
  14.  Lolitas I would love to meet
  15.  3 things I wish I was told when I was a new Lolita
  16.  10 facts about my Lolita wardrobe
  17.  My first meetup
  18.  Trends I thought I would never get into, but I now love
  19.  Trends I thought I loved, but now I'm not too keen on
  20.  How satisfied I am with my current wardrobe
  21.  Plan for a trip! A week's worth of Lolita outfits I can fit in a small suitcase
  22.  How I accessorize
  23.  What influences my Lolita style
  24.  What's in my makeup bag
  25.  Best places to wear Lolita
  26.  How I get out of a wardrobe slump
  27.  Purses that I love
  28.  Bloomers or no bloomers?
  29.  Lolitafying things in my everyday life
  30.  How long it took me to build a complete wardrobe
  31.  Impulse buys that were totally worth it
  32.  My best deal
  33.  Something that I made
  34.  Wardrobe blunders! Things I bought that I ended up regretting!
  35.  What I thought when I got my first real piece of Lolita
  36.  Nails to match my favorite looks
  37.  Something that's not my style, but I love anyways
  38.  Favorite hair style
  39.  Most versatile Lolita item I own
  40.  5 inspirational fictional characters
  41.  Fondest meetup memory
  42.  The ways in which I fit the cliche
  43.  The ways in which I do not fit the cliche
  44.  How strangers react to my clothes, and how I react to their reactions
  45.  Something that was a gift
  46.  Parasols: Vital or frivolous?
  47.  The item in my wardrobe that was the hardest to get
  48.  My "signature" outfit
  49.  My favorite Lolita print
  50.  What's in my closet, but I haven't worn yet!
  51.  Predict the next Lolita trend!
  52.  How Lolita has changed me
I'm really excited to tackle these posts, I'm already mulling over what I would choose for the first one. Hope you stay tuned and check it out when I get going, for now just grab a cup to go and enjoy the rest of the day!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

LBC: Create A Coord Under $100

These are always a little hard for me as I want to use what I own and try to make it look decent for a post. Instead, this time I used as many stock pics as I could find and the only one I couldn't find an exact pic of is the shoes. I'll probably add a pick later and do a little more work on this post but I wanted to try to get it done. Here's what I came up with for a coord for under $100.00 usd and all things I have in my wardrobe.

Got this beautiful IW piece for $45.00 on LM

About $2.50 for these
Bloody Tea Party Necklace $25.00
Closest pick I can find of shoes I was gifted. They are all cream and shorter with no lift. $0.00

The overcoat was a wedding gift from a friend
Handmade by me (The Bloody Tea Party) $25.00

Well, that's all she wrote for the evening frillies. I'm about to hit the hay after a nice calming cup of tea. If you want to see what other frillies came up with for this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival topic check them out below.

Friday, December 11, 2015

LBC: What Changes Will You Make For Your Wardrobe In The New Year


Alright, all funny business aside (not really) I am getting back down to the blogging and I shall start with a Lolita Blog Carnival topic. This weeks was a good one about change in ones wardrobe and I thought it'd be a good way to attempt to organize things. It will be a crazy year, I can already for-see that.

There are a few things I would really like to change about my wardrobe that have come to my attention after I've moved from RI and started working on my little indie brand. Putting these ideas into words in a post can, hopefully, help me articulate what I'd like to do and serve as a reminder.


🎀 I would like to have far more hand-made in my closet. I have a ton of pieces already and I'm not really looking to part with then and I'm not looking to stop buying brand pieces but I'm looking to wear more of my own. I've already been amassing a good deal since the move, all fully lined with a few exception, but I'm thinking maybe every other week have a new piece to add to my wardrobe, whether blouse, jsk, op, etc, all the while having a new item for the shop as well.

🎀 Get/make new blouses and boleros. I have been needing new ones and in many colors.

🎀 I also need to get a wider variety of socks and tights, both printed - which I am in desperate need of more printed socks - and plain. I have been experimenting with painting some. 

🎀 The next thing I have been planning on doing is actually focus on only getting specific wishlist items. I have been starting this and have hunted down and bought one of my top DREAM DRESS status pieces already and have decided that as I'm planning to make more of my pieces that real wishlist items should be my only other buying priority as opposed to really good deals.

🎀 The only other thing that I have serious plans for within the next year is to better organize my closets and drawers. I pretty much wear the fashion daily and so it does get moved around a lot so I think it may be best to figure out easier ways to organize it.


Well, that is it! I haven't written this much and successfully done a blog in quite some time...I think since Rufflecon f^_^; but fear not, fair maidens! I shall return to my keyboards and write a little more then the nothing I have been.

If you want to check out what others have written up for their LBC topics please check them out in their links below.

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