Monday, December 21, 2015

5 Pieces That Every Lolita Wardrobe Should Have, Regardless Of Style

There are so many things that wind their way into a Lolita wardrobe that makes one wonder what is actually necessary. Like do you need that headdress that you paid top dollar for or is it important to have different color petticoats? It seems it is a difficult fashion to streamline what is important and what is grabby hands need but there are staples that everyone shouldn't go without.

1) Petticoats.

I think this is super important for anyone in the fashion to have. I would also note that depending on your style you should have more than one style and color of petti, for instance if you have A-line skirts and dresses but have a few cupcake shapes it be good to have the different style petticoats to work with it. If you only wear one color through your wardrobe, like all pinks and creams for instance, it's best to stay within that color pallet. It would be difficult to wear light colors with a dark petticoat or if you have only black in your wardrobe it would be easy to see if it shows below your skirts by accident.

2. One Main Hair Accessory For Every Different Color Pallet.

This one is a must in my mind. It doesn't matter if it's a headbow, hat, or bonnet. I think that for every set color you have in your wardrobe, I mean like if you have a lot of mint and creams in your wardrobe having a particular head piece that works with each color respectively.

3. The Right Shoes.

Shoes are just as important in Lolita fashion as it is in any fashion and it can definitely add to a look by being the right shade that matches all of your sweet or the most killer skull heeled pumps any gothic Lolita would dream of.

4. A Blouse In Every Style And Several Colors.

This is something I am working on even still and I think it's a very important piece to have access to in a wardrobe. Having a diverse wardrobe can be a bit of a killer pain when it comes to things like this. I like being able to have a great variety of blouses to cover bases and I think everyone should as well. Short sleeves and long are also important factors and having the right color blouse goes a long way in a wardrobe. You wouldn't have only a white blouse if you had a lot of creams and browns. you would probably find it best to have creams and tans and have them in several styles so that you aren't wearing the same blouse under every main piece.

5. An Assortment Of Socks Or Stockings.

To me, even starting off in Lolita, socks were one of my main issues. Finding good quality, long wearing, socks that would work with several coords was and still is important to me. I think it is important to the look and can make a very nice outfit look more polished with cute socks or stockings.

Week one is completed!!! I tried to be concise as there are so many things I think are important for a frilly to have and choosing just five was difficult. And I know that these may be my top five but you or others may have another thought on the matter (feel free to list your top five in the comments!).

This is all for tonight, I am about to pour myself a hot cup of yummy chamomile tea to relax with and grab a good horror novel to curl up with my cats with. I hope your evening is just as pleasant, good night!

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