Friday, January 1, 2016

365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge: Day #1: Set A Goal For Your Wardrobe

The life of the elusive frilly lifestyle Lolita. Someone who pours the ideals of not just the fashion into their daily wear but those whom wish to beautify themselves inside and out and take the time to better themselves with maidenly poise. I try to live this way and this year is a new beginning and I wish to pursue these ideas full-heartedly!

The blog Lace A La Mode is kicking of the year doing just that with a daily prompt that can be followed along with using only a few things, such as a journal, blogs, but most importantly a camera. It shouldn't take very long each day but I hope to keep up.

The first prompt

My over-all goal is to do a full overhaul on my wardrobe with the filler I need. These are a few of those things.

More handmade pieces - I've been slowly moving away from just buying up super cheap brand and I've been trying to focus on filling out more of my wardrobe with handmades.

Cream shoes - My go to pair have just recently bit the dust so I need new replacements.

Better petticoats - I just got my navy one back but I've also ordered a new black one. I want to find the right shapes for my wardrobe and get rid of the older ones that I've been using.

A Lolita coat and cape - I've just picked up fabric for a small fur cape so hopefully in the next few days.

Blouses - I just still need a wider selection.

Frilly sleepwear - Because I need real pajamas anyway and I would like for them to be frilly.

Socks - More socks that would just better match my coordinates.

Only Hunt Dream Dresses/Wishlists - This goes back to not buying all the cheap brand I see but focusing on my dream dresses or wishlists should be key in jsk or op shopping.

I will call it a night for now, there is so much I would like to add or fix about what I have in my wardrobe but I don't want to go overboard. I know I've already covered these same things but I know I need to keep mindful. So that's all for tonight, I'm about to brew a nice cup of chamomile tea and curl up with my kitties and watch a horror movie.


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