Sunday, January 31, 2016

365 LLC: Day 31: Browse Through The Latest Wardrobe Posts On EGL

It's been a whole month since starting this.

Wardrobe posts! I do love looking over wardrobe posts and taking a peek in everyone else's closets and getting to see how people organize their clothes and accessories. It's not only nice to look over all the lovely things but gets me pumped to put on pieces I have and appreciate them a little more. I attempted to make one of my own but I got to organizing everything just last week and realized I had a lot to iron.

I usually iron what I am going to wear for the day early in the morning. Unless it's not in need of ironing, before I work out and hang it up but I've learned my blouses need a little more love then I've been giving them before putting them away after washing.

I couldn't highlight a few, I say just go and take a look, so many people worked so hard on their posts and they looked so good, it's very impressive. So hope on over and check out all the lovely frills right over here.

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