Saturday, January 23, 2016

365LLC: Day 23: Learn About A Renegade Princess

Princesses, lovely, dainty, and timid all throughout history...I don't think so! There are many who would like to bury that history and destroy facts about fierce women who risked life and limb for what they believed was right. There are 2 ladies that I would like to point out had very amazing and courageous lives that I only wish I could be even a little like.

The first I will introduce is the pirate, Princess Awilda, of Scandinavia, who was - according to legend - locked away in a tower, guarded by 2 poisonous snakes, with the promise that if someone could overcome all the traps and "rescue" the Princess they could have her hand in marriage. Awilda was not having any of that apparently because she soon escaped, dressed as a man, and decided that she would become a pirate. (SHE STOLE HER OWN SHIP! HOW MUCH MORE PIRATE CAN YOU GET?!)

After a few years of being a badass and actually being elected Captain by a band of pirates they, for some reason, returned home to cause trouble I guess. So much trouble that the King, her father, sent out the very warrior she was supposed to marry to take care of the pirate problem. No one realized knew at the time that the pirates were led by the Princess and it wasn't even until she revealed herself that anyone knew at all. According to the story, she had been so impressed by the warrior, this time, that she pretty much told him who she was and said she would marry him. It seems like she was quite the character doesn't it?

The second princess I would like to talk about, Pinyang, only amassed an army of 70,000 men to overthrow Emperor Yang (596-618) of China, because he was a tyrant who poisoned his own father to attain the thrown and ordered the execution of Pinyang's father. This was a seriously tough lady! As a matter of fact, upon learning of the execution order of her father she told her husband that they had to run away separately so as not to be conspicuous through a war torn China.

On her own she sold off her families fortunes and feed the villagers asking for able bodied men and women to join her army, if they didn't join for the food, she pay them, and if that didn't work she'd fight them and make them submit. Basically, this woman didn't take no for an answer and if you still tried to say no well...let's just say that wasn't a very wise option.

Every village she arrived at her warriors would help and feed, gaining more supporters and more fighters for her cause. Eventually she met up again with her husband and they marched on back to the Emperor who was so terrified that he turned tail and ran for his life. Thus she gained the thrown for her father and beginning the Tang Dynasty.

 I highly recommend devouring anything you can find about these ladies and if you happen to read about another bad-ass princess I'd love to hear about it.

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