Saturday, February 13, 2016

365 LLC: Day 44: Check Out Your Local Library's Calendar Of Events

As I've just moved here I'm slowly getting acquainted with the area around me and I'm finding that a lot of these prompts remind me of things I keep thinking to check out. As a matter of fact it was just last night during my language class that we discussed the nearby libraries and visits.  There is a library that is right down the road from me but unfortunately it's about to close down and have another one built, I've looked at other nearby ones though,

I've checked the others and I finally remembered to look up the Library of Congress, I want to go and just get lost amongst the stacks but looking up the events has revealed that there are many more things to see. I would really want to check out the ambrotypes and tintypes that they have on loan from the Linjenquist family that they have just set up this past month.

What are some of the events at the library near you?

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