Saturday, February 20, 2016

365 LLC: Day 50: Take The "Are You A Pure Lolita" Quiz From The GLB

I read through the posts that have the translated quizzes from the Japanese GLB's and I'm laughing so hard!

There are a few questions about manners, some of which I find ridiculous and others sensible, like "If possible, you'd love to be a person who exists eating only rose petals?" just a tad extreme, though I do love eating things with rose petals in them (like those cookies!) or "You never cross your legs on the train" which isn't funny or anything like that, just sad because there is no leg space for comfort. The questions that got me were about what I thought of other Lolita's and their habits. The truth really is is simply I don't care, everyone is entitled to do their own thing and feel however they want whether they are head~to~toe in Angelic Pretty or Moitie.

All around, it was just silly things and silly questions, though I wouldn't mind a castle to be quite honest.

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