Saturday, February 20, 2016

365 LLC: Day 51: Share Your First Lolita Dress And Why You Chose It

I actually had similar prompts before and am just going to reuse the pics, maybe one day I'll take cuter pictures of them. These are my first two pieces:

IW Trump Alice JSK

Baby Tartan Check JSK 

I still have them, I still love them, when I bought them I actually really really loved the tartan jsk because it was cute and because it was baby and I was over the moon about finding it and the IW jsk I loved Alice in Wonderland and just really wanted something from Lolita fashion desperately. I did think they were both cute and I was so excited to find that they both fit as I wasn't well acquainted with Japanese sizing and was certain my bust would make it a bust. I still really love both but I have over the years learned to embrace the IW piece every time I wear it.


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