Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lolita 52 Challenge: Why I Wear Lolita

There are many reasons for why anyone would wear anything and for exactly the same reasons I wear Lolita fashion, because I like it. I can't seem to get over all the frills and ruffles and the pretty things that goes with it, for me there really is no escape. I know that in some instances it's a little much however, for the most part, I don't care I just always wish to be frilly.

My lifestyle also permits me to be able to wear my clothing often so it's not too over-burdensome and I know where to draw the line and go with civies, but other then that it's fair game for me. And yes there are days I may not feel like changing out of pyjamas but the instance I walk into my closet it's usually a done deal and I'm halfway through throwing on something. And I don't always do regular toned down coords, sometimes I through together something a little OTT and just run with it and if I leave the house actually do hair and maybe makeup.

I also just find it wasteful not to change into them if I have a chance, the prices of the fashion are indeed steep but that's not the only reason, I often wonder if I will feel like I didn't do enough of the things I love and loose those chances. I feel a sense of freedom in frills, to be perfectly frank, I'm uninhibited and feel as though I have a better grasp of things because I know they are only clothes and that there is simply no reason not to wear the things I like or be the way I like (if you haven't gathered by now I am a little mad).

Why do you wear Lolita? Can you resist the pull of the frills?

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