Thursday, December 1, 2016

Another Frilly Survey!

I've seen this survey pop up a lot this past week so I've done one myself.

1) Do you still have your first Lolita piece?
Yes, Btssb Tarten Check jsk in blue and my Innocent World Alice jsk in dusty Rose. I still wear them a ton too!

2) What is the oldest piece in your wardrobe?
Right now it's actually the Btssb Tarten Check piece from 2003.

3) What is the newest piece in your wardrobe?
If we go with what is the latest thing I've purchased it would be the items of my Triple Fortune cream bonnet and a Triple Fortune happy pack that I got while at Rufflecon. It had 2 skirts, an op, wristcuffs, and a pair of tights. If we go by release date, I actually think the newest would be Rosy's Night Masquerade?

4) What is your cheapest main piece?
A Btssb jsk for $10.00

5) What is your most expensive main piece?
I've never bought anything more expensive then retail price and usually shop for bargains but I guess I would say Btssb's Sugar Rose Bouquet op when it went up for reserve?

6) What is your favorite item?
That is really really tough! I have quite a few favorite items, my Triple Fortune bonnets would all be on that list, so would my Fragrant Rose Memories, Night Fairy Fantasia, and Black Cat, Witch, and the Apple Tree.

7) Which item do you wear most?
I wear my items on a daily bases so that's hard, I try to switch them up and not wear the same thing to close.

8) Which item do you wear least?
Honestly, the newer ones that I'm just kind of waiting to wear to a meet up. There aren't that many though to be honest.

9) Anything you haven't worn yet?
Only a few things, mostly things I've just gotten.

10) What is missing from your wardrobe?
I had a problem coming up with something for this but it hit me early this morning when picking out a coord for the day, cream blouses in a wider variety of styles. I particularly need short and long sleeves in peter pan collars, high necks, and scoop cuts.

11) When will your wardrobe be complete? NEVAAAAAARRRRR!!!

12) What was the last Lolita item that you sold or threw away? It was the hardest thing to do but I got rid of my Btssb French Dot Café jsk in pink...I decided to part for several reasons...hopefully one day I can catch it again but maybe in red.

This next bit I had to go back and count but I wanted to be accurate just because I was getting curious of the actual numbers.

13) How many OPS do you have?
11 brand, 0 bodyline, 11 handmade. (22 in total)

14) How many JSKs do you have?
40 brand, 0 bodyline, 16 handmade. (so 56 in total)

15) How many skirts do you have?
5 brand, 3 bodyline, no handmade. (8 in total, I'm just not much into skirts I guess...)

16) How many petticoats do you have?
I actually just got rid of a few, so 4 now.

17) What do you plan to buy next?
Whatever floats my boat? But it wont be for a while...I have 2 items I'm thinking of looking for next and one is Nostalgia Tea Time and the other is a specific Triple Fortune lilac jsk.

18) When you first started wearing Lolita what did you want your wardrobe to be like?
When I started out I wanted it to be more gothic styled and instead I have become this mutated classic-ish creampuff.

19) What is your wardrobe currently like?
It is an amalgamation of almost every style, really. It's fairly versatile so I can wear whatever substyle I'm really feeling like wearing any particular day.

20) What would you like your wardrobe to be like in the future?
More rounded out. More classic pieces and maybe a bit more gothic, but really just cover me in flowers and your grandma's curtains already!