Thursday, December 28, 2017

LBC: Things You Have Learned About Yourself In The Fashion This Year

This past year has had some major ups and some major downs for me. Some of them have been extremely productive, whether positive or negative experiences, as I’ve taken what I’ve learned from them and figured out what made them so and how to enhance or prevent things from going awry.

I've experienced what it was like to run my own table at a growing Megameet held by members of my local comm. It was far more enjoyable than I had initially thought but I still know that if it was beyond a dealers' room I would still wish to have either a table mate or someone to be my frilly booth babe. Pairing with someone else simply made things far more enjoyable for me but I know that I can manage on my own and do well.

For Rufflecon 2017, my friend's at Atelier Sucre were stellar and we split a table at which the sold my product for me and I would pop in every now and then throughout the day, when I had a chance. The experience just further proved that I prefer things that way at larger events.

I've also discovered over this past year that lists and marking things down is still everything for me. I find that I'm more productive and concise if I write out things I need to do, or things I’ve done for my shop to be logged and inventoried. I've found this habit of putting pen to paper, or typed into phone notepads, really kept me on the ball. It also helps when I’m plotting coords for fashion shows and future meets to write down options of things I’d like to wear. It’s kind of fun to do for more then just come but I find it also clears my head if I can’t choose between a few different looks and have time to  play around.

Prior to RC2017 I have only done minor inventories for things sent to the Lolita Collective because I hadn’t made very much stock, due to very limited space and never running a table. This, however, changed shortly before RC, as I made 109 pieces for the table, it really helped me realize I needed to do so for every piece and catalogue style and color, and log where they are.

This year I did manage to start into getting several more blouses in several styles in whites and creams. I’m still looking for more in black but I seem to have lucked out in the other two colors I find that I usually gravitate to more. I also learned that I really do tend to favor princess sleeves for meets, so having more of a variety of bell and princess in the same color is something I’m beginning to do. This, of course, means I need to shop for more blouses.

This year was also a year of hard truths for me; I do need to sell some things to keep my wardrobe space an actual functioning space if I wish to buy more and store some pieces that I make properly. I wish I could ignore it, I wish I had space to properly store boxes or drawers of frills, it’s just not a viable option. So the goal is to sell what I’ve feel doesn’t quite suit me or fit me as well as I’d like. (Plan on really selling things at low prices at the consignment mini-megameet in January, fingers cross what I wish to does sell.)

One of the other things I’ve discovered is that I have a habit of favoring certain jewelry. I really enjoy jewelry and have quite a bit from antique, vintage, to handmade but I find that sometimes I wear some by default and don’t switch it up as often. I definitely need to actively change things up with certain pieces.

So, I feel as though I’ve discovered a bit about myself in the fashion particularly about my style and then a bit more about my brand. I’ve learned that I need a bit more patient with myself and try out a few more combinations with my wardrobe and not be too comfortable with one look.

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  1. I can totally understand wanting a booth mate - to not have to worry about your stock and sales in the event of anything from being swamped by customers, to needing to take a long lunch or restroom break, is priceless. Major props for running yours solo, I definitely don't think I could handle that!

    Good luck on your sales, I hope you recoup a good amount and make lots of space for new things!

    1. Thank you!

      It is tough to run one solo, though I believe I lucked out due to the size of the event. And I believe things ran smoother because of the staff were very hands on, one of my friends worked the event and I think I saw her ping around the space ensuring people could take breaks.

      Happy New Years!

  2. Having someone to share your booth with makes an event so much more enjoyable I think. You have someone to talk to when no one is at your booth and you have the opportunity to walk around the event yourself.

    Having a to-do list is something I want to master in 2018, I'm such an unproductive person when I'm not at work and my thoughts are going everywhere when I have a lot going on.

    Hope you will have a productive year in 2018 as well with more sales and lovely designs for your shop. Wish you the best of luck!

    1. There is definitely beauty in having table mates or awesome table neighbors, which I was amazingly lucky with both times for the Megameet and for Rufflecon (though I truly didn't have to do much table wise for RC because of the way the event was formatted for venders and access).

      I can definitely vouch that to-do lists make life easier! I used to make big ones for the week or month, depending on how busy I was, and then prepare mini ones for a day, usually put together the night before.

      Thank you for the well wishing and I hope you the best in the new year as well!

  3. I really agree with you about the lists-making! I need to get a to-do list each day or else I am not productive at all or I really tend to forget things! XD;

    This year seems to have been quite a productive year for you and also filled with self-discovery! Wishing you the best for 2018! ~

    1. It really does help to have one! I do think it also eases my anxiety to have one somewhere that I can just open on my phone or put on my sewing table.

      I feel that this year was and I truly hope things turn out similar, productive-wise, for the next year, if not more-so.

      I wish the best for you in the upcoming year!