Saturday, February 3, 2018

365 LLC Day's 32 - 34: Of Valentine's, Webstores, & Homemade Videos

We are now officially one month into the 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge and it feels pretty good to have gone through it again. I feel like there are certain habits that I enjoy that I've taken the moment to appreciate being able to do and experience, as well as appreciating the pieces I have in my wardrobe as well. So with the first month now under my belt I'm ready to push on and enjoy this coming month too.

February 1, 2018

Hues of pinks and red, from the delightfully sweet to the deeply passionate gothic tones, Valentine's Day meets are always fantastic and fun. There are a few things that I've enjoyed over the last few years from either hosting or attending, some ideas I'll put into this list are things I've recently heard other comms do and think they are simply darling, and think an amalgamation of these ideas could be made to make a truly lovely event.

<3 Host a little tea in a Victorian parlor that would be ideal for a lovely photoshoot.

<3 Make little heart pouches with attendees names on them for people to put little valentines in or chocolate kisses and have them lay flat on a separate table. Of course people would be encouraged to bring pre-made cards as well as have cute stationary and pens available.

<3 For the photoshoot area a few cute signs will have been made that can be held with cute phrases or sound effects and hearts and other valentine images.

< After tea it would be lovely to walk around the area, which one of the locations I have in mind is near many shops, some are antique stores, that would be nice to window shop around.

< The last stop of the day would be a small café for everyone to be able to get a cup of hot cocoa to ward off the chill that we will probably be experiencing at that point. After that and merrily chatting away the hours it'd finally be time to go home for the evening.

And that's what I think would be an ideal Valentine's Day meet.

February 2, 2018

Today's prompt actually helps me along with the Lolita Blog Carnival prompt as well as it requires me to dig a little into a few highly sought after pieces. I was going to go with Moi Meme Moitie's Iron Gate release day but it doesn't seem to be there so I tried again and went with Cat's Tea Party release, which was only difficult to locate the date that it was archived, if at all. I did happen to see the dawn of Dream Marine and even back to Chess Chocolate.

I also checked back to the very beginnings of the site, which was really bizarre to me as I have always been more of a Btssb/Aatp fan and never really checked out Ap more then a handful of times.

February 3, 2018

For this challenge I did browse through a few different channels that I tend to check out regularly and some I haven't seen before but was able to find some cute videos. I decided to put this one up because Milkbox always has cute vids and I like how she adds things to them and I think they also do good shots and try to give solid descriptions of things that they share on their channel. And the reason I choose this vid was because La Belle Rose De Paris is so gorgeous.

So that's it for the latest installment of the 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge and my first pot of tea for the day, time to refresh the pot.

Cheers! XOXO

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  1. Can you believe I wasn't following Milkbox until I read your post? :O!!
    I really love your Valentines' ideal meetup <3 sounds lovely!

    Marina | Teapots and Frills