Friday, February 9, 2018

LBC: What Makes Good Wardrobe Post

When the most wonderful time of the year occurs and all I want to do is find as many wardrobe posts I can, and I enjoy each. There are also things that I find more enjoyable to look over that only appear in some that I feel makes a post shine a bit more then others. This is really only my opinion and noting more.

Having A Good Set Up

This works wonders for catching my eye, if you work your shooting area with the best lighting and clean space, not to mean one without personal affects, it will help make your garments pop. Some people go with a controlled space with long corridors or go with blank walls to give focus to the shot while others like having corners with other Lolita related items to decorate the background. Another great way to set up is, if laying out on a flat surface, to have a pretty neutral colored fabric. It wont detract from the garment and can also bring dimension to it's look if draped in a certain fashion.

Coord Shots

Whether delicately draped or put on a mannequin I'm still more drawn to those that have a bit of coordination going on with the garments. I think they really look great when they are paired whether with only blouses or are full put together down to purses and shoes.

Ironed Out

This is pretty straight forward and I don't believe I need to explain further but I have seen a few over the years that could have used just a little TLC with an iron.


Another trend in wardrobe posts that I think are good that don't really require coordinating anything is pairings. Some do groupings of 2 or 3 dresses laid out together and sometimes go by theme or color. Then, going a step further with pairings of likes together, some group the pictures together in their post and even label the sections. I just think this is a nice touch.

This list does not mean someone needs to do all of these - with the exception of ironing, that's a given - and it doesn't mean one post isn't good for not doing these things, these styles just seem to pop more. It's always fun to check out everyone's wardrobe post and see what everyone puts together, it's something to look forward to in January.

If you want to look into what other people think makes a good wardrobe post you can just check them out down below! And don't forget to check out the Lolita Blog Carnival as well if you are looking to join in on the blogging, here

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