Tuesday, March 6, 2018

365LLC Days 63 - 65: Of Different Styling, Inspiration, & Themes

March 4, 2018

I certainly feel like a princess in my jumper skirt XD

One of my favorite things to look at are historic garments from different decades from different countries. I enjoy finding similarities in cuts for different garments and just looking at historic drawings and museum pieces that I can either see in person, or posted on the internet. 

March 5, 2018

This was far more difficult for me to do as my wardrobe and style varies day to day so finding a style I've never worn is tough. At the last minute I ran (screaming) through my head and my wardrobe to my drawers that hold my skirts and pulled out this set. I traded it something I made with a friend for her set, I had really liked the print from this series and was excited she wanted to trade it with me. It came with the headbow but I didn't use it, and almost went sans happi too, for this coordinate.  

I've never made a wa~lolita coord before, though I feel like I could build it up a bit more with more pins and other accessories, but I feel I'm going in the right direction. I wanted to pay attention to what actually goes into wearing a kimono properly, closing the coat left over right, making and tying the obi (in person the small orange stripe and obi match better, it looks off in the pictures) and obijime, and using an obiage. I also wanted to pay attention to the jewelry one would potentionally use when wearing kimono and hair accessories. I didn't want to go with the headbow and went with a floral headdress I made a few years ago that happened to match. I just went with simple ankle socks because the coord was making me think of summer, a high collar blouse simply because I love that look with kimono, and a bow tie with a btssb logo in red on it. 

Even though I'm on the fence about the hopi I'm sort of digging this look, I would definitely wear it with the obi and all that with just the blouse and skirt and would be satisfied with the look for sure. who knows, maybe I'll wear it around town and find I quite like wa~lolita.  

March 6, 2018

There is so much that inspires me in Lolita fashion. Sometimes it can be as simple as looking out and seeing the sun on a spring day and wanting to feel just like that while at other times I can plan to take a trip to a museum or historic mansion and want to layer myself in frills reminiscent of the era of the house or the artifacts. When it comes to people it's a slightly different matter though, most times people really motivate me to try to put together a more seamless coordinate but not to try out their specific style. I'll just see them look so lovely and put together and I'll want to attain that feeling too.

There are two people that do inspire me, for various reasons, within the fashion and it's because they make me feel like a princess and make me want to embrace the princess aesthetic. Maybe one day...

For now, it's time for one last cup of chamomile tea, it's definitely doing it's trick and soothing my heart and mind.

Cheers! XOXO

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