Monday, March 12, 2018

365LLC Days 69 - 71: Of Poems, Lace, & Old Cards

March 10, 2018

Is there anything more woeful than the loss of beautiful Annabel Lee? Most likely not to Edgar Allan Poe though I can't seem to stop writing out his prose about his love. Truthfully I went with this piece to write out because I like it so much. I copied it in it's entirety but my handwriting is woeful in and of itself today. May as well get a bunch of practice in.

March 11, 2018

I was captivated by the lace trim on this piece while trouncing through the day so I simply decided to photograph it. I've always enjoyed the colors of this particular piece and love the frothiness of the ruffles and layers.

I actually wore this during the masquerade at the first Rufflecon because I had never been to any con nor it's masquerade and hadn't realized I would be bouncing around dancing so much in it. When doing so to the Brilliant Kingdom performance, I was jumping so much the gold crown emblem on the front of the dress pinged right off into the darkness of the room. I was only lucky enough that my friend Candace had somehow magically saw this and was able to retrieve it for me, though I never even realized it was gone! That's my level of excitement for Brilliant Kingdom I guess.

I have yet to remember to sew it back onto the dress...

March 12, 2018

For today's prompt I pulled out a card someone gave me for my birthday, I do enjoy cake headdresses, Marie Antoinette, and the little details of this card.

Well that's enough for today I need to brew up some tea and get to work on a new Witch Bonnet commission. Toss one back for me frillies! XOXO

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