Friday, April 13, 2018

LBC: Spring Meet~Up Ideas

Spring is not only a time for the dormant flora and fauna to sprout back into the world but it seems to be the same for Lolita fashion meet ups. There tend to be many that spring up out of no where through many comms actually as the winter months tend to be a bit harder for many to get out. To aid in this new activity we've decided to have come up with a few ideas for this weeks prompt for the Lolita Blog Carnival.

<# Flower Pressing & Art Meets<#

I keep hoping to host a flower pressing meet and have plans to share photos of how to craft a very own flower press kit or ask people to bring books if they are not savvy with tools. It could be made simple enough with that and have everyone asked to bring whichever is easiest and go about picking flowers without major risk of getting dye on clothes like one could from picking berries. And later on in the meet when everyone is ready to sit down we could roll out blankets and drawer what we see in the fields, and it's easy going enough to enjoy a bit of food. 

There are farms that do flower picking so it's not as strange or difficult to find a place that allows it and sometimes there are large events for such things. I believe there is one for lavender coming up soon and I think it would be lovely to have a meet planned for it. And to add to make it a bit easier would be to have a supply of small cute paper books and pencils for people to make their pressings in and label the pages.

<#A Day Of Croquet<#

Having a large croquet match in a park would be quite a fun meet, if there is enough interest I would like to have a few teams to match people off of. At the end of the game the winners could be awarded rosettes or some sort of prize for their victory, it could be quite a fun day.

<#Hiking Through A Scenic State Park<#

There is an extremely lovely park near my apartments that would make for a lovely day hike and I think taking one wouldn't be too much for a Lolita meet. A state park can hold many hidden gems and to be able to casually stroll through and enjoy Spring in such a way would be fun, the temperature is usually just about right during spring for such a thing. Some parks also have certain services that could add to the meet up like horseback riding or boat rides. 

<#Kite Flying<#

Easy, breezy, and very little fuss. The only thing one would have to do is borrow or make a kite for the meet and bring a blanket on which to congregate. If one wishes to go about and have a kite making group project having easy and no mess materials supplied for everyone to use could make for a bit of extra fun. If it seems like a bit too much to do for a kite flying day and everyone wishes to keep it low~key a couple of links would be easy enough to share as to where to find them or how to make simple ones.


Another simple meet, one which I will be hosting this weekend, is an antiquing meet up. We will be hopping around a few different stores that are in the same area and enjoying a bit of everything along our way. The great thing about this is that some antique shops are many different vendors and also do small events like farmer's markets on the weekend. We plan to end our outing with a small picnic at the end of the road where there is a lovely little park with a beautiful Victorian house is and shall probably take many a picture.

So that's really it from me, I'm not sure what else I would come up with for Spring meet ideas but I would enjoy every single one of these. If you wish to read more you can always hop around through the links below and see what everyone else came up with for this weeks prompt.

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