Tuesday, May 29, 2018

365 LLC Days 147 - 149: Of Ambient With Meals, Notebooks, & Learning To Blend Tea

May 27, 2018

Sometimes, when not listening to the morbid and sordid stories I enjoy so much I like to enjoy a bit of music during the quiet moments of lunch or,  what happens more often then lunch for me, tea. Even when friends come by for whatever reason and we chat up a storm and I make tea for us I like putting on something on to softly play in the background. What I've never really thought to do is add things beyond that or my vintage and antique plates. 

The item I decided on was actually one of my nana's music boxes, she gave it to me shortly before I left Rhode Island and it's one of my most cherished things. For a short bit I did play it and let it play out, I don't remember if it's that old but it is, fairly. The gears were tough to wind up so I was trying to be gentle with my winding of it but it still plays perfectly.

May 28, 2018

Admittedly I didn't  think I was going to go out today I never quite know plans when I have commissions to fill. I did fill out another page with notes of things I wanted to remember to ask people or things I needed to pick up, nothing is every super intense in here but that's really what this journal has been turning into, a bunch of random blurbs through my life. 

May 29, 2018

Learn how to blend tea you say! Tea is a very regular part of my life and I’ve extensively, it's long and amazing history, it's development and introduction to the rest of the world, it's importance to the body and, at one point in history, it's importance to one's image; I don't simply enjoy a nice cup, I'm steeped in it's very existence! 

Creating a blend is something that can be either a simple process or it can be extremely complex, it's all very much like a dance in my opinion and beautiful in every way. The first thing to know is what your base will be, will it be green, black, or white? What's the difference Oolong and Darjeeling? What's the meaning of all these different teas on a menu? What on earth are you talking about, Mads?! Believe me when I say I am enamored with each and every single thing about it.

When thinking about blending tea one must ask exactly what they are looking for in a cup. If it's a smokey and slight vegetable flavoring you're looking for green tea is best for a base, it's one of the most common base. However, if you like light and delicate notes white tea leaves are your friend and are paired very well with florals of all sorts, one of my favorites when I can nab it to be honest. And there is a nice black leaf that is a bit tannic and holds a note of spice to it, pairs well with things like cinnamon and the sort and is great for flushing a system quickly. 

I digress, I realize we are focusing on me learning how to blend tea and I'm getting carried away but I'm just going to jump off that train instead of delete it. I like the process that a few tea companies post with a pyramid way of thinking it out. You pick your base leaf and that will be the ingredient that takes up the most in your blend and then follow it to the top adding less and less of the next ingredient. If I were to choose I would like a white leaf (this would be expensive) and instead of going with my traditional rose I'd like to have lavender as my next ingredient, it's soft and gentle on the stomach. Next in would be a bit of chamomile to add as a bit of natural relaxant which isn't odd to pair with lavender. And last...I'd like to add chocolate shavings...I've looked it up and it's not as weird as I think. I'd also make them dark chocolate so when I do add milk to my tea it doesn't lower my cocoa count to much. All of this sounds reasonable and I'm not adding something too far out of the ordinary to my tea blend. (I'm excited to pick up some lavender!)

The most important thing when experimenting is to try it out, find that balance, if it's not just right it's back to the drawing board and learning, with patience, to perfect.


Well....we learned that I am indeed as mad as a hatter when it comes to tea and tea time....if you haven't figured it out already. I suppose I should have warned everyone of that I'm most definitely mad here...

Cheers anyway XOXO

Saturday, May 26, 2018

365 LLC Days 144 - 146: Of Oldest Dress Coords, Old Lolita Fashion Shows, & Ideal Lolita Meet Ups

May 24, 2018

I do have a few other old pieces but this one jumped out at me due to that wonderful sense of nostalgia I'm having lately. This was the very first Lolita fashion piece to touch my hands when I first dove into the fashion, directly bought from Japan and in that tartan style similar to Momoko's. The only strange thing about this is that it's my only tartan piece out of two I've ever owned and I also don't often wear blues. I still love it though.

May 25, 2018

I love watching the fashion shows from over the past few years, I watched a few different ones for the prompt. I decided to share this one on my blog as it has one of my favorite releases on it, Night Fairy Fantasia from Alice and the Pirates. When I saw it shortly after getting mine I was elated to stumble on one of these vids - taken from the other side when I first watched this fashion show - and saw the exact cut and colorway I then had. (footage credit to foot print on youtube)

May 26, 2018

There are so many wonderful things to do for meet ups that it’s difficult to choose and create one ideal meet, I’ll try to focus on just one small one. 

One of my favorite things to do really is to go walk through trails, scenic parks, or comfortably stroll through historic museums, I know I've mentioned a zillion times. I would just like it to be something very relaxed and leisurely and everything could go at our own pace. It wouldn't need to be anything totally structured, though I love my detailed plans, and if it were at a museum I'd love for it to be one of those self-guided tours. And after the walking or the touring or the exploring it would be lovely to find a little hidden nook around the trees or by a pond to have a picnic.

Really, for around this time of year and season, this would be one of my ideal meet ups.


The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind for me, too much going on and not even time or ability to finish everything. These posts help give me a way to slow down and take it all in and I think I learn a little more about myself and think things over just a bit more.

It's been one heck of a day and I have to run off, cheers! XOXO

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

365 LLC Days 141 - 143: Of Garden Collages, New Sewing Techniques, & Favorite Old Toys

May 21, 2018

We've already established that I want some form of crazy garden that would leave me indelibly busy with preening and prepping in all seasons. I want to grow some flowers for their prettiness and others for their base and non-harmful medical uses - dandelions and chamomile uses for skin and relaxation in particular, nothing for serious issues that would be best brought to a doctors attention - or just the ability to add them to baked goods or food as they have been used in the same fashion for ages. I just started this board today and at first it really was turning up purple, not something I meant so I started to toss in notes on what best to plant when and what attracts wanted bugs and what keeps away unwanted bugs and dear.

There is so much that goes into a garden and how to maintain it, even if you are going for the overgrown monstrosity that I'm hoping for, that I know I have to have patience and think things over. I wish my mother were able to visit and help but it's a little difficult, I'll just bug her over the phone and write down little notes hear and there.

Hopefully, one day, I will have my ideal garden when I'm able to have that space, with a little suspended hammock or patio swing hidden amongst the canopy of leaves. 

May 22, 2018

Once a week in one of the groups I mod, Pintucks & Lace, I've been trying to add more resources for those who are there to learn and perfect their sewing skills within the fashion. I've been focusing on small tips and tricks and also plan to discuss fabric weights and other important tidbits to help out so I've been trying to come up with helpful ones for beginners and the more advanced, and even for me as well. So for today I've been pouring over pages and available books to see if I can find something that I can both share and learn for myself and be very useful. 

What I've discovered, which I can not attempt with the particular foot mentioned but can do with a regular zipper foot, is to use a pintuck foot to cover a regular zipper, a.k.a. a railroad zipper. I'm not a fan of railroad zippers but I do like them when they are hidden in any fashion. Brands like btssb definitely use the pintuck technique to hide zippers and I've put off doing one, maybe I should with my next project. 

The only thing that is different is really adding the pintuck from the front everything else is the same; iron the zipper so that the teeth lay flat just like an invisible zip, the back is sewn in just the same as well as the lining to the zipper flaps. 

May 23, 2018

In all honesty I couldn't think of something that was really a toy but it never stopped me from banging away on it whenever I could sneak away into that room to play with it. Out of all the toys and dolls I was lucky enough to be able to play with as a kid - and I was certainly lucky because my mom is the best and got me the coolest toys that she would magically find on the best deals ever, seriously amazing - I was fixated on the piano my parents had that was this beautiful golden brown and had old keys that were maybe tuned twice in my life. I would sit there and pretend to play by mimicking songs I heard like some Beetoven or Mozart, in a way that I'm sure was 10000000000% cringe~worthy and would get taken away from it upon discovery. Eventually, I was given piano lessons and it was something my parents thought was worth doing and despite the fact that I'm still terrible at it I still love tinkering away at it.

So yeah, the first thing that came to mind for this prompt as my favorite childhood toy wasn't really a toy but I'm not going to change it as it was my favorite thing.  


I suppose we all learned something from these last few prompts; one thing being certain I still fixate on any keyboard or piano that is within vision and that there is ACTUALLY a foot for sewing that makes it's own pintucks. I'm truly stunned by such a discovery, sewing for all these years and really loving doing pintucks in all the things and there is actually a gadget that makes that particular task so much easier. 

Well, my pots empty and it's actually about time I get back to my piano, I've taken to practice more and more lately and I'm finding I'm enjoying the feel of it. So off to the piano before I refill another pot! Cheers! XOXO

Sunday, May 20, 2018

365 LLC Days 138 - 140: Of Unloved Dresses, Spots In Town, & Unique Accessories

May 18, 2018

It's tough to think of pieces that are unloved in my wardrobe, each tend to be worn often and I try to tend and mend to them when I see something wrong with loose buttons or re~tacking bows. I suppose as of this time this is one of my least loved pieces after going through everything, this could change with the weather though.

May 19, 2018

One of my favorite things is to go off and out hiking or just leisurely waltzing through the trails, I hadn't realized there was a regional park nearby with some pretty interesting things to do and see. The one I'm looking at is fairly close and has a garden, a dam, and even a miniature train track and carousel. They also have an indoor ice rink that I sometimes go to but I never saw the regional park sign so I've never seen anything more then that. I can't believe I've missed all of this and that they even have a stable with horses to do a trail ride. I definitely need to make some sort of meet every now and then to do the different things available here.

May 20, 2018

Recently I've been speaking with a  few friends about my style, someone had said something about my style that had me kind of confused and questioning what they meant, and someone else told me that I really had a different eye for accessories. I know this is true but I never thought much about it being strange to this fashion, not very, just a more classic orientation then anything else. 

I guess this was a great time for sharing a photo of some of my more unique accessories, I couldn't choose just one and so I picked some of my top ones. Eyeglass chains, rosette chains and pins, one of my cameos - this one being the most oddly shaped, hair and mourning jewelry and other rose pins, and one of my newest hat pins, some of these are actual antiques and are fairly old while others are things I created or made for my brand.


These last few posts have been making me think a few things over and really reconsider pieces in my wardrobe, what I may have to let go of, things I may not love as much as I initially thought. I've already been having these feelings about a very select few but I've been hesitant because I still have nostalgic feelings from when I first bought them, in some ways they still make me happy but I just don't know if they make me feel good when I wear them. In regards to my own weird style it just throws me off that some people are thrown by it.

But I guess this is all for now, cheers! XOXO

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Of Afternoon Tea & Cathedral Tours

I've been very lucky lately with my local community being very active with some really fun and interesting meets. This last one was for an afternoon tea and tour for one of the most beautiful gothic revival cathedrals in the states, the tea was held up in one of the towers with a lovely view facing the gardens! I think the combination of who everything was such a lovely experience even though the weather has not really been on our side recently with the rain.

As it turns out, I've passed the cathedral several times while visiting a friend who lives in the area, the bus stop I would use is actually right down the street from it and yet I would barely see it as my view was always obscured by the trees around the grounds. It was amazing when I was finally able to see it, it's honestly a beautiful building and quite large to the point I'm surprised it could be hidden. The architecture of the building is neo~gothic with it's vaulted ceilings, pointed arches, and the way the building has certain parts that look like fortification; it resembles a medieval castle for sure.

There were so many beautiful details within that it was hard to appreciate all of it, it was as though I didn't know where to focus my eyes. And not only was the things within the building fascinating to behold but so was the history laced within with those who have stood in these halls before or were laid to rest here. Martin Luther King jr. gave one of his last sermons here and walked these very halls preaching about equality, Woodrow Wilson is buried here as well after passing from a stroke. There are also statues of Presidents Washington and Lincoln at the side entrances of the church, under stained glass that is made to look like fire.

The rose stained glass windows in particular were striking to take in, our docent was sure to remind us at different parts of the tour to look back at them to see how the colors changed throughout the tour. It wasn't such a huge difference but it was just enough to notice and enjoy the changes in colors. 

After all of that we were taken back through the cathedral to a hidden and small elevator, clearly meant for moving things, to take us up to one of the towers for afternoon tea. It actually took a bit of time to get to the top and we tried to get an elevator selfie while we waited (my arms are just too short). But once there we were whisked away to a little room with cute little tables set with our tea service. The sandwiches were actually more like little bites of art with how they were done and the only thing that looked like a tea sandwich was the egg salad sandwich, they were all quite pretty. They also had Devonshire cream for our scones!

When we nearly finished with our tea setting we did explore the corner of the tower that was ours, taking a few pictures of course, and discovered the Bishop's garden down below. The grounds are carefully manicured and maintained by a guild that has been doing so for 100 years, working closely with the cathedral's horticultural staff to tend to the landscape and preserve it's look. Before leaving, despite the rainy weather, I went frolicking through it to at least see what it was like and discovered all sorts of nooks and crannies.

The host of the meet encouraged everyone to do themed coordinates and everyone showed up with some variation of stained glass or things with gothic architecture within the print, I quickly knew I wanted to break out this baby. I thought the feathers and pearly gates would be a nice touch and added a sort of pink dotted tulle drape to the look to bring a splash of color as both my blouse and vest were white. Ever since acquiring this skirt I've wanted to make a cute vest to pair, it took me a bit of time to cut it all out and finally put it together but this put my butt into gear. I really did enjoy putting it together and would love to make a few more to throw in with the rest of my wardrobe.

I truly enjoyed going out for this meet, experimenting with a few colors I don't often wear, and taking tea up in a tower with friends. If another meet like this were to come along I would gladly jump in and I can't wait for the next meet. Cheers! XOXO

Friday, May 18, 2018

LBC: Share 5 Releases From When You First Got Into The Fashion

Oh the nostalgia! This prompt has certainly brought me back to some pretty garments in Lolita fashion history, it doesn't hurt that this one delves into the year I joined in. These are some of the ones I saw being released and took note of due to their high profile from people who really wanted them, got them, and mostly the ones I wanted for myself. My first two Wishlist dresses are on this list and though I couldn't manage to snag them when they first came out I did later on and still find them wonderful (though I would still love the music salon jsk in mint, I have it in black).

Btssb Music Salon jsk

One of the first dresses that ever really called my name and had me hooked to this fashion and was on my Wishlist for the longest time. I did manage to eventually get the op in black but I remember the mint and pink really blowing my mind. I don't think either cut was extremely popular but it pulled me by the heartstrings and played me like the fiddle on it.

Btssb Marie Antoinette

I did and still do enjoy the look of this piece, this screamed that rococo look that I would imagine Momoko meant when she spoke about how Lolita fashion looked. I do remember it being a bit different then what a lot of people were looking for as sweet was reigning supreme but it was so my style even then. (I should have taken the hint that classic and classic-sweet styles were my jam then) hopefully one day I'll pick this one up.


I remember this one in particular because of two main things, it has woodland creatures and they didn't look too cartoony. I remember liking the wreaths around the critters and thinking it was cute but really loving the cut and the ruffle in particular. I don't remember if it was popular or not but I remember a few years ago, around 2014 maybe, that it picked up in popularity a bit.

AP Toy Parade

I remember this one so well and I remember being so confused why so many people were going crazy over this print. Sweet really was at a high when I got to by my first piece and I was curious to try but there were some pieces I only thought looked cute on others, this is a prime example and I hope it makes whoever owns these very happy still.

Btssb Alice Trick Or Treat

This was the second garment that jumped high onto my Wishlist when I first got into buying and wearing the fashion and eventually bought as well. Again I bought the other cut of the jsk but I really wanted the black at first so at least I managed that, now I also want the cream which is very bizarre from when I first started. I remember a lot of people being confused because it was one of the first real seasonal prints, this hadn't really caused me to rethink my want of it though, it seemed more peculiar that so many people were confused by it.

So that's it for this post from me, I own two of the five though I think I would only really want to get the other Btssb piece on this list I don't have. If you're curious about what others have shared for the year they joined the fashion you can check them out in the links below!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

365 LLC Days 135 - 137: Of Uncatchable Trends, Ideal Interiors, & Favorite Eras

May 15, 2018

Hands down, I could never get into scepters outside of seeing them at cons or in extravagant photo shoots. These and random large spoons.

May 16, 2018

I could easily just use this photo and it would sum up some of my wants very easily. I would love to have a room with Victorian and Edwardian style furnishings for my sewing room. I could have a really nice, sturdy, sewing table with a cute upholstered chair with cute scrollwork at the top. Curtains for the room could be lovely heavy swathes of fabric held back with a cord and tassel in a wine red maybe. I would love to have a wardrobe set in this particular room with drawers for the fabric and then unfinished could be hung in the wardrobe. 

In one corner I could have a little hutch for my tea cups and pots, basically anything for a tea service, and then next to it I could have a water boiler like we have now in the kitchen. I’d also love to have a little sitting area nearby to sit by a window and be able to enjoy a spot of tea, as I do. It would be nice to have the ability to enjoy it in a way that doesn’t require me to weave around my ironing board that is sort of planted between a wall and the couch, as it is right now.

I have so many wants for my own personal space and want it to be covered with antiques, I just can’t help it. 

May 17, 2018

How I really want to focus this is on the aesthetics of different historical eras because that’s what I really like about different time frames. Clothing throughout the different time periods is honestly where it’s at for me and draws my attention because it is so eye catching and lovely, different cuts and drapes are amazing to see and each decade has something really wonderful to add and I can’t get enough. 

I do have a few favorites in particular, like the 1780s and then the 1890s just to name 2 that I tend to draw inspiration from, and of course the Rococo and Victorian periods certainly does it for me. I suppose not just in the fashion sense but the architecture and habits of people during those times.

Really, I know I’m being vague but there are too many snippets of history that I enjoy learning about that pointing out the fashions I like would be easiest and make for this short of a post. As for now, I’m off to bed, cheers! XOXO!

Monday, May 14, 2018

365 LLC Days 132 - 134: GLB Make~Up Tutorials, Wardrobe Pulls, & Fruit Inspired Coords

May 12, 2018

This is not very unlik my usual style but I figured to be a little more precise with my blouse, just focusing it not only closer to me eyes but not have it completely covering my cheeks. I also feel as though I don’t wear enough of it so I’m going to try to make it a shade darker then usual.

March 13, 2018

When it comes to my wardrobe it’s hard to pull something that doesn’t make me feel fabulous, this is why I haven’t really given anything up to sell very often. When I look at the clothes on their own I just feel happy and it’s seldom that when I put them on that I don’t feel good about it. With skirt though, I just sometimes feel a bit off. I don’t buy them for a reason unless I really like them and this was one that I truly enjoy the print but I just don’t enjoy the skirt as much as I’d like. I’m going to try and fix that by recoordinating it a few different ways to try and make it work for me. If after a bit it just isn’t working I’ll let it go but not without a bit more work.

May 14, 2018

I picked rhubarb because why not? I tried to go with like colors and patterns and thought Queen’s Coach really fit, especially with it’s vertical stripes. And as rhubarb has a sort of leafy green top I tried to go with a ruffle~y wide hat for the top and wide sleeves for the blouse. Maybe I’m reaching but I didn’t want to do just another strawberry or cherry.

I guess this is all for the evening though, I had a lot going on today and so I’m off to bed now, cheers! XOXO