Friday, May 11, 2018

LBC: Take A Coord You Wore For Winter And Re~Coord It For Spring

When this prompt was selected at the end of last week for the group I begun to quickly scroll through my phone and fb to see exactly what outfit I would like to recoordinate from a winter look to a more spring look. The fact quickly became apparent though that I don't often take pictures because though I wear daily I don't often wear make up and so we are left with quick mirror pics I take before heading out. In the end I came up with one that I managed to remember taking before heading out to the Murder in a Nutshell when it was down at the Renwick. 

For that particular day I wanted to go with the darker hues of the dress and really utilize the more gothic tones of the piece itself. Unseen are my black floral patterned stockings and my favorite pair of black spat booties and all of my jewelry were either covered in skulls or were mourning jewelry pieces, like my ring, locket, and the cameo at the collar.

To give it a more spring look I ditched all of the black and tried to use the brown, ivories, and topes in the print to bring about a more spring feel. Instead of mourning jewelry I went with pearls and chains, rosettes and a regular shell cameo, I also decked out my blouse with bows and threw on a hat covered in flowers. 

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