Sunday, June 10, 2018

365 LLC Days 159 - 161: Of 3 New Lolita Holidays, Facts About My Wardrobe, & Generated Prints

June 8, 2018

This coord was like rose-ception and I felt it was a good to reuse it, not only is the fabric rose colored but has a rose motif to it.

International Rose Day
Second Sunday in August

A day where everyone accessorizes with roses or even goes so fair as to wear rose prints. It could be very simplistic as anyone could pick up a rose piece from a seller or buy one from a florist or craft store. Imagine all of the colors that could be used to either contrast with a gothic coord or blend in with classic ones, rose scepters, pins, and crowns galore! And for those who really would like it would be lovely to be able to go out and attend little picnic parties at the closest rose garden, summer is a great time to view roses. I think it would be quite magical.

This photo isn't mine and I have no idea who's it belonged to originally as it is sooooo old!

International Clone Day
Third Saturday in March

Know someone in your comm with the same jsk as you? Or do you know several people who do? Why not have everyone build a whole coord together around it for International Clone Day! But what happens if you have no local comm and only have friends online? You can see if someone you know does or you could make a very neat mirror image pic of yourself to be the ultimate clone! Try out clone day, you'll feel like part of the crew! ::winks like it's a slogan::

International Tea Party Day
Second Saturday in November

Alright I couldn't think of anything more appropriate to me, this fashion does tend to scream tea party to me and I am a bit obsessed. I know not everyone cares for it but I think it would be quite cute to hold an international tea party day; we tend to have a great deal of them and though we tend to hold large ones on ILD days not everyone does. Could you imagine? Thousands of Lolitas meeting all over the world to have a tea party? And even without a local comm others could just as easily prep one on their own and join in the celebration easily. It sounds insane and fun!

June 9, 2018

<3 It's Chaotic <3

My style covers almost every style and substyle and it just depends on the day.

<3 Mostly Prints <3

I tend to gravitate more towards prints as I psych myself out with solids for some reason. 

<3 Lots of Flowers<3

I'm fairly certain that most of my prints are not only covered with florals but that many of them are solely florals.

<3 Always Cleaning/Reorganizing<3

I think I spend once a week washing, reorganizing or rehanging my pieces, and once a month taking everything out to redo the whole thing. I don't mind it as it sort of allows me to reflect on what I have and appreciate it a bit more.

<3 Wear Instead of Collect<3

I don't like to have things that are pointless or useless, as strange as that sounds, I don't like tucking things away to never be used. I do have a few pieces that I have multiples of ::cough cough:: night fairy fantasia ::cough:: but I have worn every single cut and colorway with the exception of the newest addition that I wish to wear out soon for a semi~special occasion. I don't see a point in just collecting at this point so I wear and take care as best I can, wearing each and every garment out happily and in multiple ways.

June 10, 2018

I used one of the random name generators that you can pop in things to make up and I ended up with Romantic Tea Party and thus I started working on a print that I've had on the back burner because I am still working on secret print 2 and The Homunculi (my first print). I will tell you one fun fact I regret wanting a chandelier in this print and will have several anyway because I am apparently masochistic. I have been working on this print on and off since this morning when I get a chance or my memory shorts and I remember something else I wanted to add in. My brand's name will not be done on this print like this but it is there as an impromptu watermark.


What did we learn these past few days fellow frillies?...That maybe I need to learn how to draw and/or get a better eraser. 

I actually really enjoyed making up 3 new holidays, I think I may try to plan an event around them

Anywho, I've drained my pot and need to put things away before hoping into bed. Cheers! XOXO


  1. I loved the idea of International Clone day! It would be awesome!!!