Friday, June 29, 2018

LBC: 5 Ways To Beat The Heat In Lolita Fashion

If you live on the same side of the world and hemisphere as me and a few other frilly individuals you will have gathered that we are definitely getting that Summer heat; and if you are frilly this could be quite a bad mix. Though it's been up and down temperature wise there have been days that I feel as though I can melt into the sidewalk (yesterday being one of those days), with all those frills it can be ridiculous. Even though there are so many layers within this fashion though there are ways to beat that heat. In this weeks topic for the Lolita Blog Carnival we discuss what ways we find in order to keep from turning into the wicked witch of the west, these are 5 ways that I do it.

<3 Hand Fans <3

These are a frilly persons best friend no matter what the coordinate. Not only are they cute and can match any of your co~ords, if you shop around enough, they are compact and easy to travel with. If you don't own one you should pick yourself up one, even if it doesn't match.

<3 Parasols <3

Whether you are using it to block out the sun from your eyes or to keep a bit cooler and not having the light beat down on you parasols are a nice little thing to have. I don't think I leave my house without one and have several colors to match my cords.

<3 Hats <3 

As everyone probably knows by now, I am a hat person and think that antique and vintage hats go so well with Lolita fashion. It is another good way to keep the sun from beating down right on your head if you don't own a parasol.

<3 Boleros <3

Usually I would make some blouse suggestion with certain fabrics for this topic but there really isn't anything quite like a short sleeved bolero. there are a wide variety of styles and a lot of them are in light weight, breathable, fabrics that really make life easier.

<3 Stay Hydrated <3

I think that one of the best things to do if you don't have the ability to stay indoors for meets or events in Lolita is to stay hydrated. I usually carry a tea cup around and find it quite useful in certain situations but many people bring thermos or water bottles too. I think that if you can keep your body temperature low it helps a lot in keeping you cooler in all the layers we wear.

So these are the top 5 ways I beat the heat in this fashion and think they would be useful habits to pick up. If you are curious to read on ways other frilly individuals do this too you can check them out in the links they've provided, below. Hope you've enjoyed this weeks topic, I'm about to head out with these things into the fray to go pick up fabric. Cheers! XOXO


  1. I love hand fans! My mom used to collect the ones with the most intricate designs and made sure to always bring one with her! Your post made me remember how much I loved them when I started Lolita fashion, I may bring mine out again for the summer! ^^

    1. Oh that’s wonderful! And my mother used to do the same and has a nice little collection of intricate fans. I remember her’s have always been hung up in one room and as a child I would climb on things to get them down to use them.