Saturday, June 16, 2018

LBC: Name 1 Trend You Really Love & 1 You Don't Care For In This Fashion

There are so many trends within this fashion that one little frilly person may not be exposed by all of them (although that only really happens if said frilly is new or the trend is new in my opinion) but get to experience most of them. We all have our favorites and sometimes we have our not so favorites and that's one of the great things about this fashion as there is something that strikes everyone, one way or another. This week we are all divulging one particular trend that we love and one trend that we could do without on the Lolita Blog Carnival. Don't forget to share what you feel floats your boat in the comments below.

<3 Witchy Prints & Themes<3

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

This is only one of the ones because I also love tea time prints, music, bonnets, and Peter Pan things but it's one of the ones that often makes me stop in my tracks. I just can't help wanting to throw money at the screen over prints and designs that carry occult and obscure aspect ::cough cough:: The Witch's Bonnet ::cough::. It also doesn't matter if it is in unconventional colorways, not everything witchy needs to default to dark hues although I will probably want them in every color anyway. And as for any pin, hat, or witchy inspired piece of jewelry I will also covet it.

Alice and the Pirates

I find them all intriguing and beautiful and neat and it holds a lot of meaning for me for a multitude of reasons. The imagery often used in occult style prints are usually well thought out and well put together, there are some times there are little flubs here and there but that's to be expected sometimes when someone is only using the imagery and might not know the full story behind something.

XCertain Food PrintsX

Spin's Boutique Shop

I was torn between cutesy animals and weird food prints and I guess looking at this hilarious pizza dress really beat out the animals. I think both do look cute and are quirky and really silly but the odd foods is a trend I could do without, I wouldn't even debate buying one whereas with the cutesy animals might be able to sneak in with a print I just really like. But strange food trends, like the bread print, open breakfast sandwiches, pizza, and bushels of bananas are just not gonna happen for me.

Babyball & Spinchen

Sure I might get a good laugh when I see someone sporting one and they may have one of the best foody coords I will ever see, I just will never want it in my wardrobe or on my body. How people love these so much is absolutely beyond me but then again everyone has something that they enjoy that's a little odd to someone else.

Well if you are looking to read what others have had to say on one of their likes and one dislike you can definitely check them out down below in the links! Don't forget to check out the Lolita Blog Carnival if you are interested in joining in.


  1. I get what you mean with the unconventional food prints, although I probably am not as against them as you are. To me it's a sort of one trick pony: great for a statement dress, but once you've worn it, everyone will always recognise it, there are no other themes or motifs to pull out of it.

    1. I'm sure there are, and like I mentioned someone could totally wear it and I'll think it will look great but it wont compel me to buy one. Like I also think both the pizza and the breakfast one are adorable in these pictures but also just WHY? and funny.

  2. The breakfast print is adorable. I agree on food prints isn't verstaile, but it is great to see something different than cake, tea and chocolate.

    1. I do think the breakfast print is particularly cute but I also can't figure out how versatile it would be. That's okay though, I'm sure someone will see it and think so.
      Honestly though....I do not get tired of tea prints, chocolate prints are kind of meh to me, I think I have some that dont' stick out (I know I have Chocolate Quartet) but tea is where it's at for me.

  3. I love it when people wear 'seasonal' prints and colors year-round. It's a waste to only take them out once a year, especially if it's something you really like.

    I actually have friends who are deeply in love with food prints; I don't share their tastes, but it is fun seeing them so giddy over the new prints that are coming out like the pizza, spaghetti, and even beer prints.

    1. I was just having this conversation with a few people in one of the Lolita amino chats. I like it when people do too and don't see any reason to wear them only during that season, in the chat though it was about 50/50. I just wore my Merry Making in the Ghost Town the other day because I felt like it. What's your favorite seasonal piece, if you have one?

      I agree, it is fun and cute when friends get so excited over odd prints.