Friday, June 1, 2018

LBC: What Keeps Your Interest In The Fashion

For each frilly individual there is a story of why and how they came to find themselves down this wonderful wonderland of a fashion and something about it keeps us affixed to it. Some simply enjoyed the fashion when they saw it and decided to give it a go and their enjoyable experience drew them further and others were utterly ensnared and enchanted and may never find themselves 'normal' again. For this weeks prompt  for the Lolita Blog Carnival we discuss that what it is that keeps us involved and interested in the fashion.

There are days I don't want to bother changing out of my pajamas, everyone does have those days, but the instance I open my closet and see the layers of frothy frills and lace I find that I am besides myself and want to slip into a new coord for the day. Though I'm sure it's not the same for everyone, I can't seem to turn away from them nor the urge to wear civvies, it seems a dreadful thought to. One of the things that keeps me interested is that each piece is something amazing and beautiful and makes my day just a little bit brighter then usual. 


I find that though I easily work my way through daily life in frills I can't help but revel in enjoying it with others. Whether large or smaller groups I can never get enough of the people I have met from within the fashion, the small personal meets to little museums or cafes, the large con tea parties, and even the Lolita fashion centered conventions pull at my mind as places I want to be and enjoy a day or afternoon tucked away at. As enjoyable as it is to be off in my own little world it certainly is nice to share it with like~minded individuals.  

And then there is the certain little something that pull at the heartstrings like new releases and dream dresses from the brands that have held my attention since day 1. I can't ever seem to get enough of the things that certain brands toss out at me, like the very one posted above and gratefully own, there is something simply marvelous about what designers come out with. Though I don't buy things often, keeping to birthdays and Christmas for buying from the brands directly, I can always find something that makes me sigh and wish about obtaining it. I do feel lucky that I'm able to afford it and budget carefully when it comes to any second~hand purchase, I know the prices have gotten better and better for this fashion but I've never been lax about paying attention to the way I spend for it. Some things have passed me buy, initially, but I've managed to obtain most wished for items with hard work and if it weren't for budgeting I never would have obtained Night Fairy Fantasia jsk I in the Milky Way colorway or Tea Time Nostalgia jsk II in green.

The day I loose my interest in this fashion I think I will actually be dead and I will have cast off this mortal coil dreaming of some sort of crazy world where the most beautiful dresses are. This fashion brings me to a happy place that I was bewitched by at the first catch of a strange ruffle that didn't quite fit in with the rest of the world. Though I abandoned my more tomboy~ish styles for this one I believe it was a world I was always meant to fall into.

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