Friday, July 13, 2018

LBC: How Does Your Family React To Your Frills & What Is Their Favorite Piece

Frills and family are an interesting combination, some absolutely abhor and don't understand the combination of ruffle and lace that we don and enjoy so much, others get a kick out of it or even love it just as much. For some it is difficult to get a chance to wear if you live with family who don't like and don't want anything to do with it, though sometimes family members have a style preference and even a favorite piece. This week on the Lolita Blog Carnival we delve into what our families reactions are and, if positively, which piece may be their favorite.

I feel particularly lucky in this situation as it seems, save for one of my brothers and a sister who thinks there is a time and place for it, everyone seem to like it or simply accept that I am the weird one of the family, and my niece just wants to raid my closet. Today, I just want to focus on the parental units as I find their reactions to be intriguing and a little funny as well.

My parents are a quirky pair indeed, they like fairly normal or more so conservative clothing but with the things I tell my friends and their reactions of them they are quite the opposite.

My father is kind of conservative in a lot of ways and hasn't altered his fashion choices in all the years I have been alive. He hates ties and yet will wear them to his favorite places, owns more button-downs then I own blouses, and has a fleet of turtlenecks; he also has this one type of hat that I swear he's going to find a way to be buried with along with one of his favorite canes (he actually needs it to walk but he likes them fancy and cool). When he first saw me wearing the fashion it was the funniest thing, he was both elated and confused wondering whether or not I was going to throw on my combat boots. At first I didn't think he had one particular favorite, he really likes them all I think, but he seems to think the neatest one is the homunculi print I did. At first I thought it was him being biased because I made it but when I was discussing it with my mom she told me that he actually talks about how neat he thinks that particular print is (I keep forgetting this is where I get my spookiness from). Other then that he says he likes the more "darker gothic looking ones, they're really something..." or the ones that are solid. This was a learning experience for me.

How can I not find a more recent pic of this?!

When asking my mom broke down all sorts of reasons why she liked my style, what particulars of my style she prefers and why, what brands she likes in the fashion and why...she broke it down and I didn't realize how much of the info she has assimilated from this fashion. My mom also likes the solid colors, isn't quite a fan of most sweet pieces, and "...LOVES! LOVES! LOVES! any of the pieces that either have a faux vest sewn into the jsk, or a coord worn with an actual vest." I found that part surprising since I only started making and wearing those, apparently she actually looks at meet posts. She said her favorite was my Alice jsk I made a few years ago, out of the things I've made, and for brand she thinks that this piece from Alice and the Pirates, her favorite brand as well, is her favorite dress. (Dear mom, NEITHER OF THESE ARE SOLID!!!) 

It was neat to hear what they actually like and discuss all the little details of the what and why with my parents, I hadn't realized how much my mom actually knew or how much they actually talked about it on their own. They both see it as some sort of elegant modern variation of old clothes that people do all sorts of neat things with. I truly feel lucky that my parents enjoy the weirdness that is me and actually love my frills, I truly hope others in my family and other peoples' family could all feel similarly.

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  1. That's so fantastic your parents both like lolita in their own ways, and have actual opinions on it. My mum loves some of my clothes, but I think she's a little bemused by it all.

    1. Oh, it is nice that she loves some of them though I can understand how someone who isn't involved in it could be a bit puzzled by it all. We are definitely both lucky that they have positive feelings about it though.