Friday, August 31, 2018

LBC: What Forms Of Media Do You Wish There Were Out There For Lolita Fashion

When entering the world of frills one learns very quickly that there is a plethora of information to sift through and enjoy. Some of it is archival, others in mook form, and a rather large amount of it is online scattered through different webpages and groups. However, sometimes there is a wish for more. What we are going to discuss today with the Lolita Blog Carnival is what we would wish was out there in regards to different forms of media for the fashion.

<3 More Blog & Vlogs <3

F! Yeah I stole this...from F! Yeah Lolita's blog...

I think one of the things that we are missing out on lately are blogs and vlogs dedicated to the fashion. We used to have quite a few, F! Yeah Lolita, Lace A La Mode, Moar Lace Please, The Princess Portal, and Parfait Doll to name a few of the bloggers that I would frequent. They used to be very detailed in their blogs about different facets that they found important to them or that people in the fashion should know about.

As for vlogs, I honestly don't know many besides ones like Princess Peachy, Lovely Lor and Scarving Scarves off the top of my head but I do remember there being a few that were very good. One of the funnier ones that a rather large portion of us all remember and miss is Deerstalker, with MilkyFawn. The first two I've mentioned have been going strong for a few years coming up with new content fairly regularly.

If there were a way to inspire more veteran lolitas and newer lolitas to write or vlog about their experiences and thoughts on the fashion in a more in~depth form I think it would make a large impact for us. Seeing what people think even if it's just to compare old to new, new releases, the impact of brands from China and things like that are very different to learn about when you can google and see what people you've never met write about it.

<3 Magazines/Mooks <3

This has been a sad and happy advent over the past year, we've lost both the printed formats of KERA and our beloved Gothic Lolita Bible. The blows of loosing both in the same year was monumental even if we retained them in two very different forms, KERA online and GLB as a totally different creature.

It's not so much about have a hard copy to pull out of the stacks and being able to physically flip through but there is something special about it. I do feel like in a printed format there was just a different view of seeing things, as well. There is also something in how it makes a piece look, I'm uncertain if it's the higher resolution or the models positioning or a combination of both, it just made the pieces look different.

<3 Online Magazines <3

Now, just because I'm sad that KERA moved to online format doesn't mean I don't like it. Magazines go digital all the time now and it is a good resource and easy enough to click through the links to find exactly what you are looking for from whatever date. The other thing is that online magazines are highly accessible and can be translated easily into whatever language you read. Having more content from  sources, like KERA is extremely helpful as KERA would come right from brand sources and give us the low-down. 

Having more online magazines that interact with brands on different subjects, as some zines approach brands styles differently, would bring up to date information to the masses and please a great deal of people. And as posting things via the internet is near instantaneous its also excellent for brands as it is quicker to promote their product. It does sort of negate the need for print but I just can't help enjoying it as I'm sure many others do too. However, the efficiency of the internet is clear and makes it easiest to get good content to Lolitas everywhere. 

<3 An Accurately Updated Lolita Handbook <3

The last thing I will touch on will be having the impossible done. Many have attempted it over the last few years but none have seem to do it well and without serious backlash from the community. I think it would be something that needs to be carefully curated as it is something many new Lolita would look to. The original still holds sway as fairly good for basic coording skills but it's sorely outdated.

And I know the reason it is so harshly scrutinized every time someone comes around to compile a new one, you do not want to give a newbie the wrong information and say it's handbook fact. Though this is just a fashion at it's base misinformation plays havoc and can be difficult to correct if people have already had their minds set and run away with the fanciful ideas. I know it sounds ridiculous to say that but this is a bit more then someone's experience as well as what a brand puts forth, it's trying to wrap up the fashion in a bow and ruffles and state this is what makes Lolita, and why.

<3 Lolita Specific Social Spaces <3

It's true we all use facebook and groups like Amino fairly easily and without too much issue running into normies who just want to harass but having a special social media place would be great. When Lacebook was around for a bit that was wonderful both in it's beta form and then it's second; unfortunately, it ran into a few issues and we lost it. I missed having so many groups to join and create and it was all for lolitas and curated by active Lolita. I never had a concern about posting and getting hassled or enduring a bot to erase, it was all just for us and you had to have an in by someone else who was already in the group. It was a bit of a haven in my opinion and I would love to see it come back. 

And so with that frillies and frillettes, I believe I've written enough and hope that you've enjoyed reading what I've put out there. I actually didn't think I was going to write on this topic but the more I turned it over in my mind the clearer some things got. As a fellow frilly, I want more posts and thoughtful pieces and videos content, there is so many layers to this fashion already it's a shame to not have more. I hope people think I contribute useful or at the very least intriguing pieces that make them want to read more or gets them excited to see something come out.

If you would like to read more on this subject you can see what others have put down in response to the prompt, below! If you would like to join in feel free to look us up on FB and fill out the prompt that asks for your blog info. You just need to have a blog that's 3 months old with 9 posts and be mainly a Lolita fashion blogger. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

365 LLC Days 240 - 242: Of Lolita Level Up Quiz 2.0, New Hairstyles, & Favorite Color Coord

August 28, 2018

I'm actually interested in finding out what my latest number is for the Lolita Level Up 2.0 quiz, which had been revamped by F Yeah Lolita a few years ago. 

  • You have a favorite brand *
  • You own a petticoat *
  • You own multiple petticoats in different cuts and/or lengths *
  • You own a parasol *
  • You own an item from a brand *
  • You own a novelty item from a brand (plates, mugs, stuffed animals, home decor, and other "non-wearables") *
  • You own an item from Bodyline *
  • You own an item from a Taobao brand *
  • You own an item from a Western indie brand *
  • You own an item you bought of eBay, Amazon, or a shady website and it came out okay * (my first brand pieces I bought were from people selling on EBay and they were just offloading their IW and Btssb pieces)
  • You've bought brand directly from their official store *
  • You've bought a lucky pack *
  • You bought an item in reserve *
  • You own a complete Lolita outfit *
  • You've worn a complete Lolita outfit in public *
  • You've worn a complete Lolita outfit in public and it wasn't even on Halloween or at a convention *

  • You've bought and sold on an online Lolita community *
  • You've paid retail price for a rare secondhand brand * (Tea Time Nostalgia but you were so worth it and only at retail price!!!)
  • You've paid double the retail price for a rare secondhand brand
  • You've paid less than 20% the retail price for secondhand brand (ex: you paid $40 for a piece that originally cost $200) *
  • You've bought from a Japanese auction *
  • You've ordered from a shopping service *
  • You wear clothes you've made for yourself *
  • You wear a print you've designed yourself *
  • You wear clothes you've had custom made for you *
  • Have had brand pieces altered to fit your size or style
  • You've been wearing Lolita for over a year *
  • You've been wearing Lolita for over 5 years *
  • You've been wearing Lolita for over a decade * 
  • You have enough Lolita outfits to wear a new one every day for a week *
  • You have enough Lolita outfits to wear a new one every day for a month *
  • You've converted an interested friend to Lolita

  • You wear brand with your "normal" wardrobe * (sometimes when I sometimes have to wear civies)
  • You don't have a "normal" wardrobe because you only wear Lolita *
  • You know how to handwash your Lolita clothes *
  • You know how to wash a wig *
  • You've worn a wig, circle lenses, or false eyelashes *
  • You've worn a wig, circle lenses, and false eyelashes all at once
  • You own a pair of rocking horse shoes *
  • You own a pair of tea party shoes *
  • You own a purse shaped like something ridiculous *
  • You own an old school rectangle headdress *

  • You own a bonnet *
  • You own Lolita roomwear or pajamas *
  • You own a Lolita item that was released this past year *
  • You own a Lolita item that was released over 6 years ago *
  • You own a Lolita item that was released over 10 years ago *
  • You own every item released in a favorite print/series * (I DO NOW NIGHT FAIRY FANTASIA!)

  • You've worn something on your head that was never intended to be worn on a head *
  • You've worn a trendy accessory (deer horns, halos, peignoirs, eyeballs, etc) *
  • You've worn Sweet Lolita *
  • You've worn Classic Lolita *
  • You've worn Gothic Lolita *
  • You've worn Old School Lolita *
  • You've worn Boystyle
  • You've worn one of the lesser worn Lolita substyles such as Punk, Ero, Wa, or Guro *
  • You know the difference between a JSK and an OP *
  • You can name at least 5 prints *
  • You can tell which items are from which brand just by looking at them *
  • You can tell which items are from which brand just by looking at them, even if they're not a print *
  • You can tell which year a brand piece came from just by looking at it *
  • You've taken Lolita outfit snaps *
  • You've traveled to visit a fancy looking place just to take outfit snaps *
  • You've started a trend that others have followed * (Witch Bonnets and Butterfly winged garments FTW!!!)

  • You own a Gothic & Lolita Bible *
  • You own every single Gothic & Lolita Bible
  • Your picture is in a Gothic & Lolita Bible *
  • Your picture is in a Gothic & Lolita Bible because you're a model for a brand *
  • You own a Lolita sewing pattern book *
  • You've made something from a Lolita sewing pattern book * (did it in a sew~a~long fro Pintucks&Lace recently)
  • You've seen Kamikaze Girls *
  • You've read Kamikaze Girls *
  • You've met Novala Takemoto 
  • You've met Misako Aoki *
  • Misako Aoki has made you an official Lolita ambassador
  • You've met one of your favorite Lolita designers * *^_^* (and then tumbles down onto floor bright red in the face)
  • You've learned how to sew/craft just so you can make your own Lolita clothes/accessories *
  • You've decorated your house/bedroom to match your Lolita wardrobe *
  • Your Lolita wardrobe is part of your decor (ex: you display your hats on a shelf, keep a mannequin dressed up on display, etc) *
  • You've been interviewed for a newspaper/magazine article for wearing Lolita *

  • You've made friends through Lolita *
  • You've made friends in foreign countries through Lolita *
  • You've celebrated International Lolita Day *
  • You have a separate facebook profile just for Lolita * 
  • You're known by a different name when you wear Lolita * 
  • You've twinned with someone *
  • You've tripleted with people
  • You've been part of a group of clones
  • You've taken purikura in Lolita before *
  • You have a purikura app on your phone *
  • You've had to explain what you were wearing to a stranger **********************
  • You've been called a princess by small children *
  • Old ladies have complimented you and remarked how nice it is to see young people dressed so nicely *
  • You've been called Bo-Peep *
  • You've been asked if you were in a play *
  • You've been asked what you were cosplaying as, or compared to an anime character * 

  • You're a member of online Lolita communities *
  • You're active in online Lolita communities *
  • You mod an online Lolita community *
  • You mod an online community of over 1,000 members *
  • You've attended a meetup *
  • You've attended a tea party meetup *
  • You've attended a brand sponsored tea party *
  • You've traveled multiple hours to attend a meetup *
  • You've hosted a meetup *
  • You've hosted over 6 meetups *
  • You've hosted a meetup with over 20 attendees *
  • You've been to a Lolita swap meet *
  • You've attended a large scale Lolita event or convention * (RIP Rufflecon)
  • You've been on staff at a large scale Lolita event or convention *
  • You've been to a Lolita panel at a convention *
  • You've hosted your own panel at a convention *

  • You've seen a Lolita fashion show *
  • You've modeled in a Lolita fashion show *
  • You've seen a brand fashion show *

  • You've modeled in a brand fashion show *
  • You own your own Lolita clothes/accessory line * (Otakon 2018 being the most recent)
  • You've hosted your own brand's fashion show
  • You have visited a Lolita shop *
  • You've traveled to another country just to buy from Lolita shops *
  • You own and run your own Lolita shop *
  • You're friends with a brand shop girl *
  • You are a brand shop girl 
  • You run a Lolita blog (traditional, tumblr, vlog, etc) * (ummm hi)
  • You run a Lolita blog with over 1,000 followers
  • You have been called "e-famous"
  • You have been called "e-infamous"
  • You've been featured on TV for wearing Lolita

Let's tally that up!

101 points is within the ream of Lolita royalty. You probably have enough clothes to dress your own personal rufflebutt army, which you could very well easily raise with a wave of your very expensive burando scepter! You're well known by Lolitas both near and far, who are most likely green with envy at what you have in your closet, who you've met, and what you've had the chance to do. There are probably still a few items left on your Lolita bucket list that have been haunting you for a while now because you thought they've always been out of your reach for one reason or another (perhaps it's that long-distance shopping vacation, to complete your dream dress list, or to finally host the tea party of your dreams), but look how far you've come yet! Whatever it is you want to do, you can probably achieve it easily, or at the very least, you definitely have the patience within the fashion to stick with it for a while and work on getting it done.

I catch myself at 110 if I've counted them all properly, last I did this I think I got 103? so I jumped a few points since I last took this. What did you score?

August 29, 2018

Commonly, I tend to quickly throw my hair up into some variation of the Gibson Girl hairstyle, victory curls, or some amalgamation of things but I always enjoy trying something new. This time I tried something that was fairly simple that I could work with my thin hair. I suppose the style is called the topsy tail (as this is all I can find when I try to google when you invert a ponytail) and then separate two sections of hair to braid and pin into a sort of bun underneath. 

I took it from an older photo for Edwardian hairstyles and I think it fits my style well. I think I would wear it often

August 30, 2018

There is a lot of pink going on in this coord but I swear it’s about the wine color. Initially I had wanted to do a cream or brown but I looked at all the things and nothing was speaking to me today, this did though. As I was running out of time I quickly pulled this out with a blouse I wanted to pair and a Witch Bonnet. After all this it makes me want to see about trying out different colors for the blouse and an overskirt in chiffon. 

<3 Coord Rundown <3
<3 Blouse/ Witch Bonnet: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Necklace: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Shoes: Bodyline
<3Jsk: Baby The Stars Shine Bright 


I almost forgot to post this. I had everything done and instead I hit save instead of publish and climbed into bed and jumped right back out. Thank goodness I had already cleaned up all my tea setting. Cheers! XOXO

Monday, August 27, 2018

365 LLC Days 237 - 239: Of Storybook Days, Photos Of Something Beautiful, & Early Brand Blogs

I didn't know whether to do first or third person for this so it took me a few tries to write this out...

"For the last time Chopin, for the love of Mozart's ghost, what are you smoking?!" The lump of frills groaned leaning closer and grabbing the sheet music off of the music stand. Grabbing the mint green colored pencil off with it, and tucking an untamed curl back while she hunched forward to inspect the dotted quaver surrounded by quarter rest that was planted in the middle of the measure. She loved Chopin, she truly did, however, Madeline did not always look over the music she would sometimes decide to change things up to.

Last week she had only just finished flouncing through a Liszt piece and decided to flip to a random page and give a new piece a go. If she weren't so stubborn when setting to work on a new piece she might take a moment to calmly read things over as opposed to sight~read everything she threw in front of her face. 

Carefully, she circled the 3 notes carefully and took a breath and counted it out in her head. Her hair had already escaped her impromptu bindings and hung about her face, forgotten, as she took in the new information. Tapping out the rhythm a second time she hummed out the notes, breathing during the rests before trouncing on, ignoring the dynamic change for now as she knew she didn't want to disturb the neighbor. After a few more repetitions Madeline took one last deep breath and sat up straight, sliding her headbow off her head and using the ends to tuck her errant curls back in one smooth motion.

"Take the time to think it through or you may as well eat the sheet music, Madeline."

And with that she smoothed out her dress, the lovely purple floral one from Innocent World that she was more fond of then she thought she would be when she bought it, and let her fingers glide over the keys before letting them dance across them. 

August 26, 2018

Any time there is a prompt asking to take a picture of one thing I get too fickle in deciding what it will be, exactly. Since I am at home today with a multitude of things to do I didn't go out to see too much and decided to take photos of things I had present. As I am very lucky to have a bunch of lovely and beautiful things I compiled a few things together to compose this photo. 

August 27, 2018

I really have a few brands that I truly call my favorites, if you know me you know they are Triple Fortune, Btssb/AP, and Innocent World. These brands are really what my wardrobe is comprised of, with a smattering of Metamorphose here and there. So I tried to go back through previous blog posts of each brand to read through a few posts. 

What I found kind of neat was the beginning of Baby the Stars Shine Bright's main blog was that they started using Ameba's platform shortly before my first trip to Japan. I actually got the black fan in their novelty fair that they mention in this blog post. Funny enough, I should have picked the pink considering I eventually got the Rococo Sugary Bouquet op in the pink colorway, but hindsight is 20/20 and all that jazz. I do bring it out when the days are particularly melt~worthy and it always reminds me of that amazing trip. (hopefully I'll get to go back again soon!)


It felt extremely odd to try writing about my day in such a style. I do enjoy writing but if I'm going to write about something to the extent of their being a main character I would rather it be not me and far more interesting. In regards to photographing something I find beautiful I will almost always pick several things and that will never change and always make me happy to do. I really want to take a massive tea cup collection photo at some point soon, having everything all laid out all pretty.

 Well, I'm going to go back to enjoying some old blog posts with my tea before I have to add the veg to the stew, for dinner. I rather enjoyed that prompt more than I thought I would. Cheers! XOXO!

Friday, August 24, 2018

365 LLC Days 234 - 236: Of New Board Games, Classical Music, & Pictures From Your Favorite Meet

August 22, 2018

If there is something I don't do a lot of it's playing board games. It's honestly something I wish I could do a bit more of but when you are often on your own, and the other party wouldn't really be down to play, it is a bit difficult to get something going. However, this doesn't mean I don't know how to play a few different board games. 

Today, I decided to take a look at ones I've never even heard of before, I tried to broaden my search by searching for popular games from different parts of the world and found quite a few fun looking ones. This one is called Fief, and as the name implies, you must try to build up a fiefdom where everyone assumes roles of the noble class in 15th century France. This is a game from France and requires 3 - 6 players but each player controls up to four family members. Your goal is to rise to power by gaining Royal and ecclesiastic titles through whatever means you can.

It honestly looks like a lot of fun and I wouldn't mind dusting off my French skills and trying this out with friends.

August 23, 2018 

Lately, I am in a Chopin sort of mood so I have made myself a playlist of all different Mazurka and Nocture in a playlist I made for today. I threw in other composers for good measure and found I was very heavy on Rachmaninoff, oddly enough . I find it really does set the mood and gives me a sense of calm while I get ready for the day. I even sprayed a little bit of rose perfume around the room (just a touch) while I was getting ready. I do enjoy the different musical genres of music, from before Baroque to contemporary, and it is something I've done quite often when I find I need to slow down and try to focus on certain tasks of the day.

I actually threw on make up since I was going listening to music. I felt it was a good chance to experiment and try out some of the new product I got. Despite that, I did not put up my hair as I had no plans to leave my apartment. 

August 24, 2018

This was ridiculously difficult to choose ONE meet to claim as my favorite as I have been to so many lovely ones throughout the years. I think I will keep to this year though and choose the Hillwood Mansion & Arboretum picnic meet. It was such a lovely day and funny enough my mind keeps traveling back to the delicious food everyone made. 

The day was filled with good food, lovely people, and a really nice tour of the mansion that we tried to all do together; however, we some how ended up loosing each other at some point even though it was a self~guided tour. Honestly, I would love to do this again and walk through the halls and take  more posed photos of everyone because it was a really excellent space but on the summer hours it's jumping. There were people from everywhere milling about on their own tours.

I did manage to get a few really nice coord shots, thanks to my friend InterstellarMoment, I think she has a really good eye.

Special runner~up for the year goes to the National Cathedral Tour & Tea! I couldn't really decide which meet I liked the most but it was truly so much fun and everyone looked so cute. And well...of course there was the delicious tea!


That about sums up my favorite meets so far of 2018, there is still a bit of time left in the year to go to more intriguing places with good friends so I can't wait to see what we do next. One thing I do think I’ll continue to do is listen to classical music while getting ready. I usually listen to horror narrations but found this to be soothing (Jee I wonder why Maddy). 

And now I must depart from this post and start dinner, so much to do still today but at least I have a little bit of tea left over and can finish off the day nicely.

LBC: Create A Coord For $100.00

Topics like Create A Coord for $100.00 for the Lolita Blog Carnival are very interesting to me but I never seem to get a chance to actually do them. I always put them off and get distracted and then question if I should use links of things I don't own or my own things, there ae just so many options to play with. One of the things I enjoy about this is the fact that it highlights that you can snag quite a few excellent deals if one simply knows where to look or gets very lucky. 

This jsk is from Innocent World, not only did I score it for $30, I am happy to say that it fits my style. I sort of have a love hate relationship with fruit prints and I have just recently gotten rid of all of my other ones, this includes both the AP Sweet Strawberry Ribbon jsk in black and the pink/red op. I just can't seem to find a way to feel comfortable unless it is extremely subtle or Rococo in your face sort of deal.

This IW blouse is one of my favorites that I bought from another friend for $30.00 which I thought wasn't that bad of a snag either. The shoes are Secret Shop and were another $30.00 and match well. The ribbon is from my ribbon stash, the rings were about $2.50 a piece from F21, from way back in the day. The hat was a thrift store find for $3.00 and I added the rest to it. The other thing I nearly forgot was the cute little ruffled ankle socks I picked up from target on sale that came out to $1.50, I should have taken a pic with the top half of the sock showing but oh well.  I made the little rosette earrings that I clipped to the side and well as the rabbit cameo necklace so I'm not going to count it otherwise it's going to tip me over.

The whole lot so far comes out to be $99.50 and honestly, I am quite happy with the outcome and it is just under the mark. Not only that but I have a new coord combo I haven't tried out just yet as the jsk is still very new to my wardrobe and I hadn't thought to pair the hat together with it.

If you are thinking of joining us each week in writing about fun and interesting topics for Lolita fashion feel free to check out our fb and learn how to join. All you have to do is share with us, in the prompt, your blog that is at least 3 months old with 9 posts, it also has to be mainly a Lolita blog. The only other thing required to join is to also write the posts in English as well as your native language if that is what you usually post in. I hope you'd like to join us and if you're wanting to read more on this topic feel free to see what others wrote about it in their blog links below!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

365 LLC Days 231 - 233: Of Sharing Brands, A Little About My Day, & Pictures Of Bows

August 19, 2018

I was trying to go through Lolita specific shops but lately I’ve found myself more and more ensnared with this particular brand that produces jewelry. They make a pieces that mimic Victorian iconography, from lady grey hands to death head symbols, and have a wide range from pins to rings. I’m quite fond of the ring selection they have but there is a few things I have my eyes on (and I don’t mean the eye of my planchette either). I think fellow frillies would enjoy this shop.

August 20, 2018

This is actually a little odd for me to do so I'll focus a bit more on my cats. I have two adorable little fluff-babies and they have drastically different personalities.

One likes to have a designated cuddle time that you really have no choice but to accept all head bonks at 2, both in the pm and the am, she is always on time. Today was no different and all the bead pieces had to be woven around her as she insisted on head scratches and her face being in my face before being able to put said beads in a safe place. This cuddlemonster is called Nama and she has a penchant for whipped cream and desperately tries to get her nose in the spicy food I eat. I know the spicy bit is not normal for cats but she tries and tries and today was no different as she sneaks closer and closer before putting her full body weight against my arm to see in my bowl.

The other cat has to be near me most of the time I am home. If I sit, he needs to be in my lap and basically lives there if he doesn’t get bored first. He won’t come too close if Nama is around, I think he lets her be during cuddle time because he knows it’s not play time. But when he sees my lap free and he wants attention he is usually right in my lap with his front paws draped over my knees and the rest of him so perfectly tucked beneath his furry body. Shortly after folding up the swaths of fabric meant for bloomers that came from the wash today that was his destination. His name is Moo because he loves to eat anything that is green and would happily eat his weight in it. He doesn’t care for whipped cream, like Nama, and not really human food unless it is green and leafy. He got up close while I washed the veggies that would be put in our noodle bowl.

As of now, I am relaxing in my tub and Moo is sitting on the rug just next to it. He does this every time and doesn’t seem to ever care to leave. And Nama is most likely on her favorite dog sized bed that she tends to monopolize every day. It’s quite funny to see such a small delicate cat take up so much space that was really meant to be taken by a dog (we don’t have a dog but we got it for them thinking they would share...she showed us).

That’s really all I can say though, my day was of bead case sorting and photo taking for the shop to showcase the looks for this past fashion show. The little details were truly small, small enough to put on a string, unless it was to recount the ironing of a fabric of such a good weight and draping it out over a dress form, delicately placing the wings of the butterfly dress in just the right spots. The dress also needed to bave it’s corset lacing in the back restrung as I had hastily removed it before I washed it. 

August 21, 2018

I honestly almost forgot to put this together today even after taking the bow shot of my necktie and jsk bodice earlier today, but here it is. A bow from that, from the back of one of my favorite hats, and a bow of my figurine from my nana's music box that she gave to me. I didn't want to do just something worn so I mixed it up with a few different ones from all around my house.


I actually could have had this one published way earlier but I am a dunce and have been running around like a nut. I have been cleaning and organizing things since Otakon to see what I need to make more of, what fabrics to pick up, and find the fabric for my next show. I've already gotten some of that picked out and all I have to do is get sewing.

I have to get myself to bed because I have plenty more to get myself into tomorrow. Cheers! XOXO