Monday, October 29, 2018

365 LLC Days 300 - 302: Of Thank You Notes, First EGL Posts, & New Makeup Styles

October 27, 2018

I was running through my flowery stationary and so I'm glad I've found that cemetery print one, I think it's cute and perfect for writing today.

October 28, 2018

Looking through the first posts on EGL LJ and I'm finding that there was, at first tons of cute little meet up posts popping up here and there. Also realizing just how long certain people have been around for is quite jarring. This was one of the very first posts back in 2000 in January made to the LJ page. There are several more to follow just like this one and it really makes me want to go to a meet right now.

October 29, 2018

Funny enough I just tried out a different makeup style for another Lolita fashion prompt, that one being for a festive look that I somehow translated to look like a dead girl look. I did find that one rather fun and think I'm going to try do find something to try out on Halloween, you know, keeping it festive. The above is the one I just tried a few days ago and I maybe had more fun with taking pics after I was done than I should have.

Photo taken from Klaire De Lis's blog

The next one shall be from this page I just dug up, here, that gave me a bit of inspiration to change it up a bit and make the dots seem more like tears. I just really love sunken in dramatic eyes, I really have nothing else to say other than that.


I'm actually raring to go on that makeup tutorial but I have to be off, I have one more Witch's Bonnet to cut out before I can call it a night. I feel as though I've been so swamped I could be the next swamp witch...

Cheers! XOXO

Friday, October 26, 2018

365 LLC Days 297 - 299: Of 100 Year Old Fashion Illustrations, Who I Want To Be, & Games Other Lolitas Might Like

October 24, 2018

 Here is the truth, Madeline can spend hours and hours and hours looking over fashion illustrations, they can easily get stuck in my head. And often times I will be looking at the cut shown in one of these and I will think 'I need that in my next op/jsk I want to wear' and then I'll have cut them out with very little else to do about it.

I'm only sharing illustrations from approximately the 1890s but I have been browsing as far as I can go, portraits being the next best source because illustrations from magazines weren't really a thing before the 1780s about (I'm going off of the first fashion magazines and apologize for sharing inaccurate info). But even so, these pieces have my attention and keep me from my sewing table.

October 25, 2018

I'm just trying to be realistic because I have tons of hopes to getting better with things like hair, makeup, coordinating, so little by little I will get better. One thing I really hope to be is a Lolita wearing Secret Laboratory jsk in red XD that's really the only thing I think I can draw well and get across.

October 26, 2018

I'm going to be really honest and then run far as I can!! I don't usually play anything but survival horror games and the only other game I play is Final Fantasy online (and I am living for the Halloween event decorations) but I have decided a game fellow frillies may like is...well...otome games? (I BLAME YOU KERRY!!!) I actually haven't tried this one yet as I've taken a break from one of the others I've really enjoyed. It's really been an avalanche effect, really. I don't like romance novels, never read one before, but I think my brain must have done a flip~flop at some point over the last few years and I have no explanation for it. I haven't touched any of the modern games and don't plan too, I prefer all the period ones or magic type ones where everyone has the most fabulous outfits and hairstyles. I also just really enjoy the ikemen art style in a lot of them if I'm being honest. 


I'm not going to lie about this I think I look up historic fashion illustrations and portraits at least 3 times a week. It's something I have been doing I think since my high school years. I was actually just talking to my favorite antiques dealer today about how I'd like to do just that when the time comes. She was actually worried I'd be moving too far away but I definitely would make the trip to the antiques village because the deals are just too good, and she has quite a few things I'd like to furnish my nooks and corners with. (There is this sleeping cat statue she just got in that I almost chucked money at her for and a beautiful mirror I need).

Also, if anyone sees Secret Laboratory in anything but the skirt please do me a huge favor and send that link my way!

So with all that said and done I think I'm going to go and finish off this little bit of baked good I picked up today. Cheers! XOXO

LBC: Share Your Most Worn Dress VS Least & Why

Lolita fashion is such a very dynamic style of dress that gives the wearer options of color palettes, prints, and cuts. There is no wrong answer in collecting garments and accessories that really make your day; however, there are always going to be things that really get taken out more than others. I think it's a very interesting thing to take a look at, and maybe for me help me figure out if I can let go, and so we will be taking a look at our least and most worn garments together, with the Lolita Blog Carnival.

Most Worn JSK

I've been trying to make 1 spooky coord a day this Halloween season.

Now on the other hand Merry Making in the Ghost Town has me wrapped around its little finger, I wear this piece very often. I think I may wear it once every month or two, considering I have enough dresses to wear a different dress for about 80 days(?), not including skirts, I think this says enough. I love the colors, more than I thought I would originally, the cut is so my style and I find it very easy to coord. I do think I wore it twice this month, once yesterday and it happened to sync up with the theme for #frilloween2018, but it really is the season for it.

Least Worn JSK

This is from the Frilloween2018 challenge for a clown inspired coord.

Out of all of my garments that I own I know this is the least worn piece and I know that it comes down to is the fact that it's not my style. I really love the look of this piece and I love the color combo but the instance I put it on I'm immediately questioning the choices I've made. It's a very good solid that you think it would be very versatile and would get a lot of use out of but I just really don't have a lot to mix and match with it.

I know it may not seem very clear when looking at the rest of my wardrobe why, seeing the colors being fairly all over the place, but I feel as though it's obvious. I do find it strange though as I wear more classic over even gothic but MMGT is still my most worn piece. I did try to think of what the next piece that may be in the running to beat out the most I think it would have to be Last Faint Note Of Spring or my Butterfly op I made, but it's hard to say.

If you are curious about what other people think about this very topic you can check out what they wrote, down below. There are a good number of carnival goers this time around but if you are looking to participate in on the fun feel free to join in!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

365 LLC Days 294 - 296: Of Organizing, Valentine's, & Scary Stories

October 21, 2018

It's about time that I go through and organize a few of my drawers if I'm being honest. I've been sifting through them twice as often as usual so it's been in need of refolding blouses and making headdresses neat. I did my sock drawer, my headdresses drawers, and this blouse drawer. Tomorrow I think I'll be able to squeeze in my hats and bonnets boxes too.

October 22, 2018

This is a bit difficult as all of the Lolita Valentines groups seem to be defunct, and I can't mail them to friends like the last one. So...I guess I must see if I can turn to a secrets group?

October 23, 2018

10:00pm...almost midnight...just enough time for one more scary story before bed...

It's not really a secret that I listen to creepypasta, no sleep, and "let's not meet" stories while I'm working on whatever sewing project or commission I am getting done. I have my favorites out of the lot of them, the Candle Cove stories have always been my favorites so I'm wary of the Channel Zero adaptation, and I always enjoy a good one before bed.

You can read this one, here, but if you enjoy listening to someone else...


In all honesty, nothing soothes and relaxes me quite like a good scary story. I know that may sound really strange but I myself am strange and unusual and I don't think that will change ever.

It's time for me to wrap things up, I've finished listening to The Quiet Game as I've put away my teapot and cup for the night.

That's it for tonight, frillies and frillettes, cheers! XOXO

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Of Frills & Chills...

Yesterday was my local community's Halloween themed meet up, one of them anyway as there are several communities around my area that are fairly active; all seemingly doing a meet for the season. This is the one that I held and have been trying to hold annually (sorry last year) and I try to change it up every year. It just happens to be my favorite holiday, I could easily do all the things Halloween and watch all of the movies and drink all the apple cider and it still not be enough. This year I tried to take it easy as I was hosting alone, having little time to plan around a few other things, and made it a simple historic museum meet at the Mount Clare Manor that had it's house dressed for mourning.

As a group, we voted for the date that would be best for the most people and it surprisingly turned out that it was a free day at the museum. It wasn't something we knew until we got there, took the tour, and were all confused and asked when we were supposed to pay after we were finished. We had all been busy taking pics in front of the lovely fa├žade of the estate and waiting for the last of the attendees to show up so we hadn't gone into the house until the docent had double checked if we were going to tour. Our docent was also quite sweet and taken with out outfits, she hadn't seemed to have known about the fashion but she enjoyed hearing about it and thought it was neat. We were also dressed for mourning so she had wondered if it was linked to the house's plans.

The house was indeed dressed for mourning but despite having checked when first arranging the info for the meet, checking the website and calling a few months back, the tour itself seemed to be geared more towards the house history rather than the rites and rituals of mourning. Despite the confusion it was enjoyable and everyone seemed to enjoy what was presented and exhibited.

They had traditional mourning dressing for the houses portraits and mirrors and explained the reasons behind why they were done, they didn't really present a focus for any individual member of the household, only briefly mentioning Charles Carrol, Barrister. They did try to showcase which items were the original Carrol family's including the mourning pieces.

Everyone seemed to enjoy what they saw at the house, I became admittedly so over two things in the house in particular. They had quite a few beautiful tea sets and dining pieces, like there Japanese Imari ware china, Davenport china, amongst a few others and all of which I would love to own a piece of. They displayed Mrs. Carrol's chatelaine which was a beautiful, highly decorative, piece as well. The items that really surprised me out of all of them though were the mourning jewelry pieces they set on display. Both memento mori and hair jewelry were present in a few of the cases both on the first and second floor, I was quite impressed. I think I spent more time inspecting the cases instead of looking at the docent. 

For the meet I tried to prepare a little something for everyone, little goody bags filled with Halloween themed items that could be used, lollipops, and mourning cookies lovingly wrapped up in wax paper and twine, and sealed with a wax seal sticker. I tried to be very attentive to the cookies at the very least, preparing them (sans departed individual) the way the would be and using a recipe that was appropriate for it. I even made a little funerary notice to put under the wrappings, between the twine, as that is something that would be done.

Both before and after the tour, we did what a group of frilly individuals did best, taking pictures together or with the scenic backdrop and chatted away. The theme for the meet was mourning inspired attire, this was not enforced but suggested along with other Halloween inspired ideas, but taken to with aplomb. The amount of fabulousness was astounding and I was in awe of how lovely everyone looked. I meant to do a coord contest for best in theme but by the time we finished the tour and started taking more photos I was too distracted. 

<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Jsk/Bolero: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
<3 Shoes/Vest: Off brand
<3 OTKs/Blouse: Innocent World
<3 Cameo/ Brooch/Locket/Rings: Antique mourning jewelry
<3 Rosette Chain/Underskirt: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Bonnet: Triple Fortune
<3 Victorian Paranormal Society Pin: Violet Fane (rosette it's attached to is made by me)
<3 Veil: is a last minute add because I lost THREE veils in preparation for this meet

It was more laid back than I would have liked it to be but everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and the day that we had so I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Next year I plan to get back into a larger scale plan (you can read about my idea, here) and am already raring to go. Cheers! XOXO

365 LLC Days 291 - 293: Of Meteor Shower Schedules, Fairytale Doodles, & Favorite Lolita Blog's Early Posts

October 18, 2018

Strangely enough, there is one tomorrow! I've only ever gotten to really see maybe 2 meteor showers my entire life but they are indeed magical. 

October 19, 2018

I feel like I dreamt this one up or maybe my dad told me it when I was really small, but there are tons of fairy stories that have several major changes to the story so who knows. This version is something about a sleeping princess that had been long forgotten in a dead haunted woods. The thing about it though is that it was set up like a trap, if you did the wrong thing you became cursed too and become one of the fake undead princess’s minions. If you picked the right thing though the true princess would be revealed. Regardless, this fairytale was one of my favorites even still. And another thing, almost every fairy story has had very grim originals and not just the Brother's Grim versions, they were meant to be very frightening and teach lessons with their stories.

October 20, 2018

I decided to take a trip down memory road and it honestly seems like I'm just punching myself in the gut instead. I went with F Yeah Lolita, being one of my favorite blogs as I feel it was for many, Caro Dee seemed to really hit the mark with interesting and in~depth reads on the fashion and really tried to bring a little something extra for us all. The other thing is she was one of the founders of the now defunct j~fashion con, Rufflecon, which the dates I went back around to in her blog happened to have a lot of content for. I weeded through those to find something else and actually happened on a few pieces like this one. I had never read it before and quickly devoured it before I had realized it. 


I am so very tired now, I have just gotten back from this year's Frills & Chills meet and a round of errands running for the house. I am finally done for the day and I would like to pass out now. The teapot and cup is going away but I'm dreaming of the sets at the historic mansions house and their mourning jewelry they had on display....well, that's all for now folks, cheers! XOXO

Saturday, October 20, 2018

LBC: Create A Halloween Inspired Coord

Aaaahhhh Halloween! I am telling you I was so excited about Halloween everyone within a 5 mile radius probably is aware. This time on the Lolita Blog Carnival we decided to do a coord challenge and I decided to loose my right mind! I'll cut right to the chase because there really isn't much to it and I've known for weeks, way too excited to put this together. you can see (for the most part sorry my lighting is terrible) I went...a little crazier then usual...yeah...I made this jsk quite a few years ago and am still pretty happy with it, it has a black bustle in the back, ricrac trim to give it definition in the bodice and hem of the skirt, and shirring. I knew I was going to throw this black and orange Witch's Bonnet with it, if I had not sold it yet (definitely available so feel free to message me or check it out on my fb page), and so I wanted to break up all the orange and black  with the black btssb bolero. 

The shoes are my regular black ones that have that little spat~like details and at the very last minute yesterday I found these sheer black tights that have bats all along them. I tried to make it easier to see but it's really tough. I added a skull necklace, black bat necklace, and silver black ring, things that would get any Halloween enthusiast excited.

<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Jsk/ Witch's Bonnet: The Bloody Tea Party
<3 Necklaces/Ring/Tights/Shoes: Off brand
<3 Bolero: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
<3 Blouse: Victorian Maiden (neckbow is Innocent World)

And so that's really it for me, I had a lot of fun putting this together and really enjoy the way it turned out. If you want to see what other's have done for this prompt be sure to check them out in the links below.

Roli's Ramblings

In Love With A Dream

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

365 LLC Days 288 - 290: Of Favorite Makeup Styles, New Dessert Recipes, & Random Old EGL Posts

October 15, 2018

Photo taken from Tokyo Rebel

Makeup has always been a ridiculously tough thing for me but I enjoy looking at people's wonderful looks. I think my favorite make up styles has to be the ones where cheeks are really brightly blushy and really close under the eyes. I tend to like the rest of my makeup fairly tame but the cheeks get to me, sometimes even cause me to do my nose when I do mine.

October 16, 2018

Pic not mine

This actually coincides with something I needed to do for an upcoming Halloween meet up I'm hosting. I learned how to make the infamous lady fingers! One of the interesting facts I've remembered about funerary rites is that up until the Victorian era households would serve funeral cakes or cookies to guests (which...yes did involve the putting said food on the dead to absorb their essence...) but one particular thing I hadn't known about was one particular type that was favored in America was the lady finger. I thought it might be best to learn and try to make those to wrap up in paper to serve to guests (sans corpse essence, of course). 

One particular recipe seems simple enough, listing 4 ingredients, so we'll see how these bad boys go.

October 17, 2018

Every time I go back to EGL on LJ I tend to feel a bit of nostalgia from what felt like a more focused time. Perhaps, it's because before things went over to fb I hardly used fb and was always surfing the different Lolita fashion pages of LJ. Going back today I'm discovering that EGL in particular really had all sorts of things going on in one place, people asking for dress names, tutorials, sewing questions, and even shop warnings, it's no wonder it all felt more communal and focused. 

I do know there were different groups for different things, I remember the Lolita housewives page when that was semi~active if you can believe that, I think there was a lot of cross~posting even if there were though. 

There were a lot of cute little things to revisit; seeing the screennames of a few friends, quite a few sewing projects, sales were completely removed by this time it seems but there were some mentions here and there of recent purchases (which reminds me I have something coming in soon), and I can't believe that I was looking at a GLW styling tips after not even hearing the name in forever. It's really nice to take a little trip down memory lane sometimes.


If there is one thing that the last prompt has got me fixing to do is make flower headdresses right now.

In other news, one thing you've probably noticed is that the prompt looks a little different then all the rest. The last 2 were the very last of the prompts that the Lace a la Mode blogger ever published onto her fb page and shared with us. But fear not! She shared the masterlist of what the prompts are and I am going to try my best to edit them either the day of or as many as I can on the weekend to keep it as close the originals. I'm just having a terrible time because I am not certain the font used in the originals. I also changed the dates to be 2018 but I'm not going to stop heading each prompt with the days date because why stop now?

Well, I need to sleep, today has been crazy, I have put away most of my afternoon tea from today as I couldn't eat very much of it. I was just too focused on the sewing projects (and I did sneak out to pick up a new tea cup!!!) but cheers to you! XOXO