Friday, October 26, 2018

LBC: Share Your Most Worn Dress VS Least & Why

Lolita fashion is such a very dynamic style of dress that gives the wearer options of color palettes, prints, and cuts. There is no wrong answer in collecting garments and accessories that really make your day; however, there are always going to be things that really get taken out more than others. I think it's a very interesting thing to take a look at, and maybe for me help me figure out if I can let go, and so we will be taking a look at our least and most worn garments together, with the Lolita Blog Carnival.

Most Worn JSK

I've been trying to make 1 spooky coord a day this Halloween season.

Now on the other hand Merry Making in the Ghost Town has me wrapped around its little finger, I wear this piece very often. I think I may wear it once every month or two, considering I have enough dresses to wear a different dress for about 80 days(?), not including skirts, I think this says enough. I love the colors, more than I thought I would originally, the cut is so my style and I find it very easy to coord. I do think I wore it twice this month, once yesterday and it happened to sync up with the theme for #frilloween2018, but it really is the season for it.

Least Worn JSK

This is from the Frilloween2018 challenge for a clown inspired coord.

Out of all of my garments that I own I know this is the least worn piece and I know that it comes down to is the fact that it's not my style. I really love the look of this piece and I love the color combo but the instance I put it on I'm immediately questioning the choices I've made. It's a very good solid that you think it would be very versatile and would get a lot of use out of but I just really don't have a lot to mix and match with it.

I know it may not seem very clear when looking at the rest of my wardrobe why, seeing the colors being fairly all over the place, but I feel as though it's obvious. I do find it strange though as I wear more classic over even gothic but MMGT is still my most worn piece. I did try to think of what the next piece that may be in the running to beat out the most I think it would have to be Last Faint Note Of Spring or my Butterfly op I made, but it's hard to say.

If you are curious about what other people think about this very topic you can check out what they wrote, down below. There are a good number of carnival goers this time around but if you are looking to participate in on the fun feel free to join in!


  1. It's interesting to see that the piece you wear the most is a seasonal print! For something Halloween-themed, the wine colorway seems elegant and almost subdued in terms of color; and that bustle is absolutely beautiful.

    I can relate a little to your combo-breaker 'least worn' piece; it would be a versatile dress, in somebody else's wardrobe XD but I do love the striped details you coordinated it with!

    1. I thought I thought it was pretty funny too when I went through pictures on my phone and really thought about it. I do have a ton of florals I go through on a regular basis but then this print sticks out among them all. Whenever it rains is another type of day I feel the seasonal prints come out.

      And yes! I feel it would probably do better in someone else’s hands, I really think it’s the color combo.