Wednesday, November 28, 2018

365 LLC Days 330 - 332: Of 5 Year Predictions, Admiring Art, & Favorite Lolita Experience

November 26, 2018

Goodness, I'm usually fairly decent at predicting things that will happen in the fashion but this time I'm a little out of sorts. Last time I did this I know I listed that Chinese brands were going to really become stronger as would Indie brands in the states, those panned out like I thought. But honestly this time I'm blanking.

I do think jewel tones are going to be more in, sweet and gothic Lolita may vie for most popular substyles and may tie in to the vampire print being released by brands like Angelic Pretty and Alice and the Pirates. I'm really all over the place but I think they can't be as far off as the time I thought that teal/green color (like the one in the Night Fairy Fantasia series) was going to be a new popular color.

November 27, 2018

I haven't actually had the chance to do this in a very long time. I don't mean to say I haven't been to a museum over the last few months, I've been to a few during meetups, but I haven't been out on my own and gone off to simply take in my surroundings. I haven't done much of any of that over nearly 2 years to go and do nothing, every outing has had a purpose. But today I shirked every single responsibility and task to go milling about. 

I got to view Fragonard's The Swing (of which there are two variations, to clarify), Madame Bergeret and Madame du Barry, and quite a few other works of the late 17th and 18th century French paintings, even one that I swear is my friend, Kerry's, doppelgänger. I especially loved getting to view the detail with which things were conveyed, you could even see very clearly some of the different laces that people wore in their garments.

And as for mine, I decided to go all out into OTT territory - managing to get a few photos by propping my phone up on a couch meant for guests to use - trying out a combo of my Triple Fortune bonnet with the chess story underskirt. As it's been getting colder the extra layers are welcome and there are less people who bother to ask questions about the outlandish, which works for me!

<3 Coord Rundown <3

<3 Jsk: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
<3 Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
<3 Bonnet: Triple Fortune
<3 Underskirt: Chess Story
<3 Pearl Bracelets/Socks/Shoes: Off brand
<3 Cameo/Gloves: Vintage
<3 Gemstone Bracelet: Antique
<3 Rosette: The Bloody Tea Party

November 28, 2018

I actually have one that is super close to my heart that I want to keep close. I'll write it in my little notebook and keep it locked away, I feel like it's too special to share and really meant a lot to me to hear those words from individuals I hold dear. I will always cherish what was said by them, as I look up to them, and strive to keep pushing forward. What was said in that hectic and cacophonous room will be treasured and the whole thing leading up to it is my favorite Lolita experience.


That last one was very difficult for me to choose from out of two particular experiences that I could not decide between. The other was what occurred a few years ago at Rufflecon, being brought up on stage by Babi during the Brilliant Kingdom performance. I swear my knees were going to give out and that Princess Vibe was strong during that night (how I'm still alive and breathing like a normal human being is beyond me and my face has definitely changed several shades of red typing this....)

So now that that's all out and about I'm off to bed, I've thankfully already put away my teapot and cup and everything is spit~spot clean. Cheers! XOXO

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