Friday, January 18, 2019

LBC: Tailoring Your Wardrobe: Making It Work & Suit You

This is one of those topics that I get so excited for and hope to write out long and in depth posts about, but tend to wig out in short form. Wardrobes are a very personal to each individual and the hardest part is navigating the way around all of the wonderful frills and figuring out what does suit you. You can't always try it on to see and in this day and age it's difficult to try it and then sell it off if it's not what you imagined. It's a whole different tea party all together if you are new and just figuring things out. And so with that we've decided to tackle this topic in this week's Lolita Blog Challenge!
This pic is almost old enough for the 10 year challenge

I've worn this fashion since 2007 and what started as 2 jsks transmuted itself, through my love of the fashion, into a fantastic crazy closet monster. There is something for nearly every substyle but the ones with the strongest pull is classic. It took me a long time to realize where my frilly loyalties lie, I have been fooled into thinking sweeter pieces were for me and not appreciate goth as much as I used to.  It's also caused me to really evaluate if a piece is worth it when I see something that plucks that heartstring. 

With all that being said, how does one go about this process?  

As far as my own wardrobe is concerned I've learned a great deal about how to make it suit me and how to curtail certain bouts of whimsy. The problem I used to face was picking up things that weren't exactly my style, even though I do wear sweet it's more of a classic sweet or tone down. There are, of course, people who avoid my fate and know what they want. This is not for people who can handle their frills...

<3 Blouses & Boleros Of A Wide Variety <3

Blouses and boleros are one of the key elements to any wardrobe is what you coordinate it with, making one main piece have a wider range of looks. Granted my drawer is fairly monochrome in this photo there are reds, navies, and pinks with different design styles that go a long way. As the saying goes the devil is in the details. 

Proof that I both can't handle things around me and that I live in princess sleeves
Details such as having several princess sleeve blouse in several shades, with varying necklines. Something that I have to be conscious of is that I may love princess sleeves, and will wear them any given day, depending on what's planned regular sleeves are very important. So, with that in mind, I have allowed myself to compile a wide assortment of the different types of blouses, it's definitely expanded how I wear a garment.

<3 Stick To Your Preferred Headgear <3 

I have a love of hats and bonnets in this fashion and have a fairly decent collection of both, it's weird to wear anything else for me. It's been something I haven't had much issue with working out, if it's a Triple Fortune bonnet or it's a vintage or antique hat I will probably want it. What I've found for myself is that headbows for me should be more of the classic variety or dainty, I'm not one for head~eating bows.

This is as big as my bows will get

Going out for more than headbows can be a bit daunting, they tend to be more expensive and not every type of hat or headdress works for certain looks you may be going for. The key, no matter if it's a floral headdress, hat, or bonnet, is to find pieces being sold either in sets or find very basic ones that can either be re~decorated later or be worn across several coordinates. 

<3 Identifying What Types Of Pieces You Wear The Most <3

My wardrobe has been pretty split but there are 2 things that I tend to look at in more recent years is if a piece is a decent price is if it fits my regular style. If it's bedecked in flowers and isn't too bright a pink, whether or not it has a border print, is what pulls on my heart. For other's they may know exactly what they want from the get go, this is why studying the fashion is also helpful, and that's really great but it's hard to ignore temptation.

If you find yourself tempted and you aren't really committed to any particular style then that's fine, there are great deals on lacemarket and on taobao that are great to experimenting with without too much harm to the wallet. And there are always releases that are so not what you think you are going to want that you may wish to try, if it really makes your brain zing and speaks to you then that may be something you should take a chance on. True it may not work out, or it may be one of those special cases that work out and nothing else from that substyle does, but reselling things is easily enough done.

There are many ways to make a wardrobe work for you, even if you went a little whimsically mad. Getting a wardrobe to work for you and be what you need it to be can be difficult, though very fun and entertaining. I know I have had fun working things out, even if some of the pieces just didn't turn out to be my thing.

If you are looking to read more about other peoples' advice on making a wardrobe work for them then you can check them out in the links below.


  1. Wholeheartedly agree on having a wide array of blouses and boleros, as well as to sticking to one type of headwear. I am that bitch who is confused at every lolita going "My New Year's resolution is to buy more blouses" or those being like "I succeeded in my New Year's resolution of buying more blouses" when they bought like 4 tops. I know that everyone's capacity and ability to spend money differ, but when I got serious about lolita, which luckily coincided with me starting working full-time, I bought like 16 in the first year of me working. And even now I have to stop myself from buying more because I have a tendency to go towards similar things which I may already own, when I should be getting a different cut or colour.
    And while I myself am a headbow girl, I pretty quickly learned that I'm a sidebow type of headbow girl. Think this goes back to when I didn't have a clip-on fringe and still preferred to use my natural hair over wigs, as I had a sidepart, so a sidebow would balance out my parting. And then it just stayed as a comfortable go-to. I will do other accessories, like berets/hats or bonnets, but a good sidebow is my go-to.

    1. Ah I see! I think it's one of those things were sometimes people get too focused on main pieces that they forget about other important parts. It's easy to get dazzled and then blouses, when they were more expensive when I started anyway, were like an afterthought.
      Side headbows are definitely the best! There are two that I've made that are slightly larger than my ribbon type and they sit more towards the side, I think it makes a difference with larger bows. I also do agree that they balance well with side parts (I have a side part too).