Saturday, February 23, 2019

LBC: Create A Coord Based On A Portrait

Ever look at a portrait and think it would be neat to make a coordinate based around it? It's a popular past time from what I've seen, with some extremely well done outfits popping up here and there. I never really can sit down and pick something quick enough and it can take all day. And for this weeks Lolita Blog Carnival

So what I had at first planned was scrapped by Friday, as I'm often found to do, and stumbled back into the land of portraits to find something that really struck me. As fate would have it, what was a maybe earlier to the one scraped I realized I may have had something in Elizabeth Bathory's style. 

The Blood Countess. A woman who was said to be one of history's most brutal serial killers though she was nearly lost to time. Even speaking her name had become outlawed in her home country of Hungary by King Mathias II. The atrocities that she inflicted on many have become the stuff of legends, some saying that they were from paranoid townspeople to even words fished for by the court of her personal servants. Regardless of whether it was fact or fiction she was known as the Tigress of Cachtice despite being renowned for her beauty.   

This coord has been burning at the back of my mind for ages, slowly piecing together, and with particular aatp jsk in mind. I don't have any aprons, like the one seen in one of the more well~known portraits of Elizabeth, so I used one of my Meta underskirts to act as a front panel. I also added another collar to put an emphasis on the neckline and tried to emulate the highly starched collars of the 1540s, when this portrait was done. Long sleeves are pretty much where the main similarities end and the rest becomes more like a vague interpretation.

I did add a few things after the main coord shot, and then some once on the dress form, but It really just snowballed. I played with some light makeup around the eyes but tried to be as smooth on my complexion as possible with powder. The other thing that was drastically different is no hair netting and just a simple pearl and star chained hair piece pinned into my hair. There isn't really much else I could get to be similar in such short a time. 

And since I tend to forget showing the footwear (and don't wear shoes in the house) I added a full coord shot, adding a few more things by the end. It was so late by the time everything formulated that I just ran with it and called it a day. Though I do think it came out nice even if it's very derivative of the portrait, it was fun anyway. 

If you'd like to check out other's who have joined in on this round of the Lolita Blog Carnival, check them out in the links below. You can also join in yourself! All you need is to have a 3 month old blog with 9 posts about Lolita (and be primarily a Lolita fashion blog). 

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