Wednesday, May 1, 2019

LBC: Where Do You Like/Would Like To Go While In Lolita

The world holds many possibilities when it comes to finding secret (or not so secret) little locations to enjoy oneself in frills. People who wear the fashion sometimes even have favorite little places they enjoy going, sometimes a place that evokes the aesthetic they love. Though there are also some odd ducks in the mix that enjoy traipsing through places that have no relation to aesthetics and just make one happy. This past Lolita Blog Carnival topic asked where we like or would like to go while dressed in frills and I'm sure you'll find it interesting to learn where everyone would like to go. 

<3 Loves To Go <3

There are actually a great deal of places I love to go while dressed in lolita fashion, I have a sort of preference. Being a lifestyler I tend to go everywhere in lolita fashion but the places that really get me going are museums, museum houses, and antiquing!


I'm certain many of you have figured out that I enjoy finding a nice new(old) pair of gloves or a beautiful cameo piece, teacups line my shelves that I get from my favorite dealer. It's a bit of an addiction that I will not give up any time soon though I have had space issues with as many teacups and pots as I have, I could probably fill up two chests.

Another place I love to go is the woods on trails and such. It's not really a place but if there's a dense wood with a trail I will enjoy a stroll through it. There's just something magical about walking through the woods with friends, maybe with picnic baskets in hand and music playing on someone's phone. It's maybe the one place that you can easily feel like you are in a world of your own and relax.

The last, and obvious place I enjoy going is afternoon tea! I search out places to have afternoon tea and then there are some locations that I have a preference for. This was actually from Halloween last year, I decided to get as decked out as possible and have a day out on the town. It is always nice and soothing in my opinion.

<3 Would Love To Go <3

Photo not mine

A few posts back, during this post for the 365LLC, I shared one little blip about dreaming to go to Dracula's castle in Romania and this is still very true. I dream of roaming the halls in one of my most lovely pieces and bonnets or hats, maybe stay the night as you can now, and trek through the grounds.

Bach's Home photo not mine either

Another place would be to take a tour around Germany and visit the homes of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and the like. I would enjoy visiting any of the renowned composers homes just as much as trekking to Romania. This is a lofty dream as I have only left the country once and I don't see it happening any time soon.

I need to be here! But also not my photo

The last I can think that I really want is to take a tour of tea houses in England....I have a list and I'm not afraid to jump the pond to get to it!

All of these places are definitely at the top of my lists to go in lolita and I don't know what I would do if I were to ever accomplish that second half. Traveling in particular with frills can be daunting but so very worth it, in my opinion anyway. If you want to learn more about places others have enjoyed or would like to go, check their posts out in the links below.


  1. OOoh, what is your list of ten tea houses in the UK? Maybe there's one near me I haven't tried out yet :)

    1. Oh I have so many but here are ten off the top of my head, they range from high end to maybe obscure maybe?

      The Bridge Tea Rooms (Because I feel like this is a destination tea room, that may just be me so I'm not going to count it in the ten)

      Thornbury Castle
      Biddy's Tea Rooms
      The Lanesborough
      Clarinda's Tea Room
      Highdown Tea Rooms
      The Steynig Tearooms
      Wollerton Old Hall Garden
      Abbey Steps Tea Room & Guest House
      Lucy's Tearoom
      Hotel Café Royal

      Some of them just have things that have me thinking I need that right now and some, while having good looking menus, have a lovely room that I would enjoy taking tea in.

      I almost kept going, I'm so sorry! What are some of your favorite tearooms that you have been to or are around you?