Friday, June 14, 2019

LBC:Create A Coord To Best Fit The Season

The weather is certainly changing again and it's time to adjust our wardrobes and daily wear to best fit the season. And as it is such a huge factor in how we arrange ourselves for whatever the season brings we've decided, with the Lolita Blog Carnival, to create a coord that best worked for us. As the seasons are a bit different for everyone - some of us are experiencing something other than Summer - we went with seasons as a blanket term to be more inclusive.

Over in my neck of the woods I am definitely getting into the summer months. It's hot, thankfully it hasn't been muggy (yet), and I am desperately in need of lighter layers. I've prepared a coord that is light and airy and offers shade as well.

Jsk/Pin: The Bloody Tea Party
Hat/Necklace: Vintage
Socks/Shoes/Blouse: Offbrand
Floral Headdress: Sweet Mildred

I wanted flowers everywhere and the print of this fabric has lovely vibrant ones that I paired with a Sweet Mildred headdress, that I've attached to the hat. The dress is such a rich dark green that reminds me of the summer months where everything is vibrant and alive. For the shirt I actually paired it with this strange little blouse that I bought in an emergency while I was snowed in in NYC during Tokyo Rebel's closing party. I've worn it in a few coords (like my recent Paradiso Day 1 coord that I'll share in a post later) and I've found myself rather pleased with it. 

Everything about this coord is about short sleeves, lightweight ankle socks, and a hat to help keep the sun of. The other factor, as mentioned before, was flowers that I also utilized in the jewelry too. The necklace has a little leafy pattern and I added a music scroll floral piece. All in all I'd say this represents and fits the season really well.

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  1. Oooh, that dress is so lovely, I adore how the flowers pop against this rich green.

    1. Thank you! I liked how vibrant they are and green seems to have really popped up around my wardrobe over the last two years.