Saturday, November 30, 2019

Small Business Saturday For The Shop!

Happy holidays to all! I hope everyone is able to have down time to relax and breath and take a moment to reflect for a moment. It's getting so close to the end of the year and it still feels like there is so much to do and endure so I'm hoping there is a little spark of light to be happy about for everyone. I hope to be able to bring a little bit of joy to someone who wants Butterfly or Bat Wings or even The Witch's Bonnet with a small sale.

From today until midnight, on Monday, all previously stocked Witch's Bonnets and all new commissions will receive 15% off the total purchase. This does include jewelry, as well, so if there is a design you want in a color you want to match your new pair of wings, why not add it?

Here is the terms of service to help best understand the process. If I don't get the same address from you that's in your ppal I will contact you to fix it, I don't ship out to unlisted addresses, thank you for your understanding.

The rest is very easy! Everything will be run through email, so just follow the rundown here and I will get your order together in an orderly fashion. Here are the different styles of The Witch's Bonnet, below.

Bonnet Type I (Lelloine)

Bonnet Type II (Lenore)

Bonnet Type III (Ligeia)

The last thing that one needs to do is to email: between now and Monday and you will automatically receive 15% off. I hope to hear from you soon!

Cheers! XOXO

Saturday, November 23, 2019

What Sort Of Mediums Do You Think Promote Growth In The Community?

One of the things that keeps a community from stagnation is in how the information is spread. The sharing of how~to's, photoshoots from meetups and shared by brands, and online and hard copies of print media are excellent ways to do so. It inspires those with access to these mediums to try things out, whether it is the fashion, the tutorials for a look, or to even host their own events. This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival topic we discuss what sorts of mediums we think promote growth.

<3 Social Media Groups <3

There are a plethora of different groups that can promote growth, social media is excellent for that. The lolita fashion community has some for those learning, like Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion and Lolita Mentors, and then some slightly more niche groups like Pintucks & Lace and The Secret Garden. These online communities guide those, both new and veteran, who have a love for the frills with the help of fellow frillies.

<3 Online Zines <3

We are very lucky to have access to Kera online as most lolita fashion magazines from Japan have disappeared. This gives us photos of what designers have envisioned for certain pieces, with everything from extremely dreamy shoots to drastically stark ones. Mostly, from what I've seen as of late, they have all sorts of articles on culture, entertainment, and beauty. They even do coord snaps that are submitted by readers.

<3 Blogs/Vlogs <3

Both of these mediums are highly important to growth within the fashion, for several reasons. It gives looks into the lives of individuals who are active in the fashion. Though learning from the communities general guidelines should start from larger groups, individuals can also have just as large of an impact on inspiring growth.

Sometimes it gets us to find and latch on to little things within the community that we really enjoy. I remember really enjoying reading F Yeah! Lolita while I was starting and felt the writer really gave me a way to connect the dots on all sorts of subjects for the fashion, in regards to my own personal growth. I hope someone can look at my writing, here, and also feel this way.

<3 Mooks & Magazines <3

Can we take a minute to appreciate how cute this cover is?
10 points to anyone who can name the skirt print!

Mooks and magazines are excellent source material for promoting growth. They bring together sources from staff, brands, and contributors, usually in a physical copy, and format them for reader digestion. Many in the fashion may have grown into it with articles and snaps from the now ceased publications the Gothic Lolita Bible. In this day and age we have hard copies of Girlism, Bows, and the newest to the lineup is Just Below The Knee (JBTK) magazine.

Speaking of JBTK everyone should check them out! They have another issue coming up and the theme is punk lolita. I can't wait to see what they have in~store for the newest edition. I had missed my chance to pick up my copy at Paradiso 2019 but you can still get a copy of the first one. I'll be picking up my own copy and doing a small review on it.

Well, I believe I've summed up what and why I think these things promote growth. I hope that if you are curious about the fashion it inspires you to learn more; however, if you are a veteran and interested in blogging weekly, having your own blog, I hope you've become inspired to join us the LBC. You can learn what others have summed up in their own posts in the links below the circus!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Release Of My New Bat Wings

When one thinks of my little indie brand a strange image probably comes to mind of witch's and morbid prints, of butterfly wings and fabric that looks as though it was covered in flowers. These wonderful things are part of my obsessions, as I like to create things and garment that are strange and unusual that fit the fashion. I tend to release a new variant on my Butterfly Winged pieces every season, from the full dress, to boleros, jackets, and then detachable wings. They are an original design, of fabric and sometimes trims, to create a silhouette that resembles the beautiful creature that is symbolic of luck and rebirth. So why not Bat wings? 

Fabric wings are exclusive to my brand's image, just as the Witch's Bonnet is completely original, debuting several years ago at a meet and the following year on the runway. You can find printed wings that are sold elsewhere, mimicking butterfly wings in a large print, but until a few months ago these were made outside the fashion. Mine are meant to mold with the style and compliment the fashion, keeping away from making them actual wings (which I'm not knocking). 

The new Bat Wings are meant to do the same but appeal to the goth or creepy cute side of the lolita. They have the bottom half of the body, a bow to mimic the points of a bat's wings, and are lined, as the Butterfly Wings are. I did a sort of soft release of them this past Halloween but figured it was going to be best to share with the world before the holidays. 

For a slightly better look.

They go for $80.00 plus shipping, as do the detachable Butterfly Wings, and can be commissioned in any color your heart desires. They are machine washable and can be lined with a different color on request (I'll be showing off one lined in a different color in a few days on the shop's Instagram, so be sure to keep an eye out!). If you are looking to order one while the shop is down you only need to email: to start your order. 

Wings gives the look a bit of regal~ness that I thought was such a neat addition to this coordinate. It, despite being a bit OTT, has a subtle touch that you only realize the extraness to it once you turn around, which I think is appealing to many. It's sort a nice little surprise in my opinion that I think many can enjoy.

I hope you, my dear Tea Witches, also enjoy the new design and I hope that you find it lovely enough to bring it home too. Cheers! XOXO