Sunday, April 12, 2020

LBC: Share A Bit About Your Favorite Piece & How You Acquired It

I sort of went overboard in preparing this post. I wrote it with another few pieces and had to go back to rewrite it after I changed my mind. Anyway, starting back on the Lolita Blog Carnival this week we are sharing about a favorite piece and how we acquired it. I've FINALLY decided on more of a few little pieces that puts a worn and enjoyed coord together. I can't help myself.

Every time I’ve tried to get a Triple Fortune bonnet I’ve had to make due with ones I’ve gotten on LM or personal sales with friends, which is nice, but this one I bought directly at the last RC being one of the first in line. I was very excited I could get it directly from Babi and Kaie. 

The mourning brooch is one of my second ever hair jewelry pieces that I managed for FAR to low a price. There is damage but it’s because the back is out of shape. It’s napoleonic in age and highly malleable so it’s delicate and warps if not careful. It makes it more precious to me. 

This is one of those hair jewelry pieces you just can't not love.

Tea Time Nostalgia is such an important piece for me for so many reasons. I love tea. It’s always been a huge thing for me. Even before getting to my first lolita meet I’ve tried to get a hold of any really old teacups and the like, but to no avail, usually. When this piece came out it was everything I had loved. The style was lovely and the cut of this jsk was something that jumped out at me. The problem: I missed the reservation period when it was released because I was dirt poor. There was no way I could ever get that and it was so coveted that prices were soon sky high. 

One of the coord challenges asked to style a dream dress differently and this is what I did.

Then one day, after having more stable finances and spotting this one on Lacemarket for a pittance, I JUMPED. It had a minor stain that no one tried to take out, the corset lacing was a little in need, and they said that the elastic was a little loose? But the last too was hardly noticeable. 
Turns out a friend had bid on it the night before I did. But I hadn’t known because someone else outbid her. So when I finally saw it someone else had the bid (I didn’t know about my friend at all!) and I won! I won a dream dress in a colorway I wanted (red was the other). Not only that but I won the Innocent World Tea Time underbust jsk in green too, just a little while after. All within days of each other. It was a weekend for green and tea! 

The OTHER tea time print I had bought the same week/time frame.

HOWEVER...not realizing my slight, I went to a little get together WITH the friend who had also bid on the listing and another. We were talking about our lastest acquisitions and I was just about to talk about first the IW one and then the piece de resistance...but they gave me a smirk and poked fun of me and said Tea Time Nostalgia instead...and I sat very confused and mouth open for a second to figure out how she knew.

She told me her end of the story after laughing at my reaction for a few seconds and, though I felt bad, she ensured that it wasn’t a big deal and we enjoyed the rest of our outing. (No brawling of frillies over dresses XD though it would have been hilarious in the middle of an old tavern restaurant.)

The blouse was one I was in desperate need of right before the tea party at RC...I would do a coord in the morning half and one in the afternoon/evening for each day (because I’m no slouch! I want to be the epitome of fully dressed at events.) but I had also bought a very specific piece from Babi and Kaie the morning prior and as soon as I enter red the marketplace that morning they looked at me and asked why wasn’t I wearing the new dress...I had to tell them I was definitely going to wear it to the tea party but had to get a new blouse to match. 

Luckily, one of my best friends came to the rescue when I went to check on our booth (Atelier Sucre is theirs and the two who run it are two of my dearest friends ever) and told me to go to her room and grab this particular blouse. It was EVERYTHING I wanted in a princess sleeve blouse and I just never could find one that would work with my wardrobe. This one was exactly what I needed for my new dress and so it made life that much easier. She had dyed it to match another dress that she decided to sell and had planned to sell the blouse as well. Clearly I solved that issue for her and bought it. 

All in all, these are some of my favorite pieces I’ve acquired and I can’t help but enjoy the little details that I love so much. Acquiring them was certainly something, often times unexpected and a little funny in most cases but I am very grateful to have them.

If you are interested in reading about others and the stories surrounding their own favorite pieces they've managed to get you can check out their posts below. And if you are interested in joining the Lolita Blog Carnival you can check out the description in the link. You just need a lolita fashion specific blog, for it to be 3 months old and have 9 posts and be able to write the topic in English as well as your native tongue. 

<3 Hope You Join Us <3


  1. Oh wow, that is quite a story with the Tea Time Nostalgia - glad it had a happy ending, though I can imagine how mortified you must've felt for a moment at that time. And it is such a gorgeous print, particularly in green. It was on my wishlist for a moment too before I realised that: a) the cut I liked more would not flatter me (the high waist one); b) how sought after, and therefore pricy, this print was.

  2. It was really hilarious because I was like "Yes! Wait, no but also yes! I got Innocent...World...and wait..." And she just watched me work through it laughing at me because I had no idea how they knew I won TTN.
    I will tell you, your reason B is exactly why I thought I would never get it. I don't buy above the original price of a piece and usually don't go higher than 130-180 unless its a really wanted piece for me. The listing I found was before the LM crashing and dresses like TTN and others started going for reasonable prices. It was under its original release value, even with shipping, and I screamed.

  3. These coord shots are to die for! What a lovely post.

    1. Thank you, each piece made up the coord nicely and were all things I really wanted. ^_^

  4. So interesting! It's always nice to read about the favourite pieces from each lolita. And that 3F bonnet is to die for <3 Babi and Kaie are such a cuties, I have some headpieces from them but never got a bonnet (yet)... For sure it will happen!

    1. I'm not blushing over the mere mention of Babi and Kaie...not at all...
      Okay, I am. lying because I am!
      They are such dears and, indeed, ridiculously cute.
      Oh? What headpieces do you have? They have so many wonderful pieces. I have faith in you! You get your bonnet!