Friday, April 24, 2020

LBC: Top Tips For Managing Your Wardrobe

One of the most frustrating things for me, over my very long years in this fashion(dear frilly trinity of Mana, Misako, and Midori, has it been 13 years?!), has been tending properly to my wardrobe. Making it cohesive and let it be everything that I dream for it to be. I try my best and over the last 5 years I believe I have a system that works for me. This weeks prompt for the Lolita Blog Carnival has taken the time to go over the tips and tricks that we use that work for us, hoping they may work for you too.

I actually started this off standing in my closet cleaning it up as I wear my frills daily, trying to tidy, I have to do it about once every week or so. Because of this, I've been able to get to understand myself a little better. How to tidy my space, what sort of pieces I want and what I need, what I need to make my space more manageable...what things I shouldn't be tempted to buy.

<3 Cute Storage Bins 4 Blouses <3

Okay, these are actually housing bonnets and wigs that aren't on wig stands.

This is a new plan. I am short, at 5'1" and that's fine but the fact that I don't want drawers to fold my blouses in, I've decided to sort of Mary Kondo my space that way. Hanging them up may be good but I would lose space. The drawers I've used in the past have been great but they aren't very tall and are best for things that fold and lay flat, which blouses and boleros and the like don't do with all the ruffled foofery. My fabric stash has taken over and so I've a new plan.

More hats...but the squares would be so cute for blouses.

And though hanging would be best, reducing wrinkles, I don't have that kind of space.

<3 Versatile Accessories <3 

Wearing frills as often as I do, I've found I don't like sticking to one style of lolita fashion. I wear mostly classic and goth lolita, delving into sweet on some occasion, so I need pieces that work for both. I have mourning and cameo jewelry that works well with both classic and goth, beaded pieces too, and because I don't have hardcore sweet I can often get away with some pearls and things with them.

Rosette chains and floral corsages and ribbonettes are something I find work with all. I have several of each and a wide variety of colors and styles. The only thing that makes it difficult is storage. I keep the medium to smaller sizes in my vanity dresser drawer, while my larger ones that double as hair pieces go in my headdress and bow drawer.

I tend to wear a lot of creams, reds, and black and so those are really the colors I use for head pieces. I store those all away in one large drawer along with detachable bows. I don't like them sitting on the dress being pulled or smooshed by the pressure from other dresses because they can get deformed. Laying them flat gives my mind ease. It may be a little extra step but I don't mind it.

<3 Make A Wardrobe Post <3

This is easy and rather fun to do, Lolibrary has an excellent function to go through and save your pieces in the wardrobe link. You can also do as I do and post your own to your FB or whatever platform you prefer, some do Amino too. But it helps keep more than a mental list of what you have, whether it's a large wardrobe or not, you won't have to do mental cartwheels when you're thinking about what you may want to wear because you can draw it up.

I have quite a few pieces so I'm never really able to rattle them off the top of my head, checking out my wardrobe post on my FB makes it easier. If you have the gumption to do an actual wardrobe post more power to you. (I'll get to that one of these days.) but the other thing it helps me with is planning out what I needed, without getting sidetracked from want. Being reminded that yes I need a white high collared shirt sleeved blouse is easy when I can see it’s not in my post.

Sometimes you may not find the original listings on Lolibrary but you can always just post your own pic this way. But that is also the wonderful thing about that sight is that you can help contribute information. Circling back to the reason why a physical post is great is that you can get the bigger picture that way, instead of standing in front of your own wardrobe thinking 'where am I going with this?!' It just really helps you be mindful of what you wear, and like.

The other good thing about doing an actual wardrobe post is that you can record where you've changed your tastes, keeping record in a way. I've never done one, though I've tried, there's just...a lot to work through. But I've been collecting for so long, wearing things as they strike me that day, and have only just really started to see how I would change things to be more me.

<3 Cleaning/Run Maintenance On Your Wardrobe <3

I really have so many hats...
I don't just mean tidying it away, hanging things up, and putting jewelry and headpieces back where they came from, I mean CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES! There are only 3 dresses that can't be washed in my closet, those needing dry cleaning do to being those evil but wonderful bleeding prints of yester-year. You don’t have to be so delicate and hand wash for hours if you have a washer from the last 5 years. You just need fabric softener, detergent, and an actual washing machine. Gentle cycle is Queen, mates. 

Put them on a spin cycle after it’s washed, you don’t need netted bags, and DO NOT do the pillow case trick! They’ll be fine! And clean! And if you used scented softener they can smell like flowers. Hand wash the ones you wish to take extra care of but the rest are fairly safe. Hang to dry but be aware that if you don’t dry elastics well enough, in a well ventilated space, this makes it rot. Steam or iron to prevent wrinkles. 

This dress, as with many other pieces, I have received second hand and in a little need of tlc. The straps had the bottons sew too low and the full back shirring experienced that technical difficulty I told you about, above. I had to go in, insert new elastics into the channels, and redo the buttons. It was great! But it doesn’t stop there. Checking over your garments every now and then is mighty important. It makes their wear last longer and really this fashion needs a little attention if we want them to look their best and feel great in them.

There is so much more, I could go on and on really, but I’ll stop for now. If you’d like to read more though, you can check out any of the other’s who partook in the Carnival and see what they do to organize their wardrobes. 


  1. Your post has highlighted a key point here: wardrobe management is extremely personal. And not just in terms of one's personality, but also physical space. I appreciate that people suggesting clear plastic drawers or a clothes rail mean well, but those tips do not take into consideration what our living spaces might me like, what other obstacles we might have (your height being the perfect example) and how much we own vs how often we wear it. So while I wouldn't have thought of using storage bins for blouses, it's a solution that works well for you and that's what makes it a good one, not what the majority of people on Rufflechat might recommend.

    1. It's SO important. I've plans to get the boxes, and maybe even get more of these cute hat boxes for them, and put them under the bar on the right hand side. They can be seen below the skirts. But every time I put them up on the higher shelf I have to get out my vanity chair to reach them.
      And because one side of my closet is double bars I can't do anything particularly visually pleasing in organizing. I'd worry my longer dresses would get the hangers from below caught on them, if I'm not careful. So, to me, functionality before anything else.