Friday, May 8, 2020

LBC: How Do You Enjoy The Fashion In Your Own Time

Honestly, lolita fashion has given me such joy in life. This may sound silly considering what conceptions of lolita and lifestyle lolita are, in particular, but when it came to clothes it was that certain something I had always been looking for. The idea that there was something elegant and lovely between Victorian era and historical fashions with a modern twist existed gave me a spark for life. It's small and simply and, at the very same time, not at all. This week, with the Lolita Blog Carnival, we explore how we individually enjoy the fashion in our own time.

In life we all have certain responsibilities, things that either prevent us from dressing as we wish, most of the time. I've lucked out in the past with my job in antiques stores that the owner has allowed me to wear whatever I've wanted, siting that the frills I tend to wear have really been something to behold. One other staff couldn't stop laughing and saying that it was just too fitting a style and kept psyching herself out while debating finding something that would actually suit her. (She's still toeing that line and, these days, says she wished she had took the leap. She is so close to picking out a classic lolita style skirt from a brand off taobao.) So I do get to wear frills at work and at home. I am lucky and privileged in this.

When it comes to how I enjoy it, in my own time, it's honestly a very relaxed thing. I find the only stressful thing about it is actually committing to an outfit for the day, weather and mood being the only real factors. When I don't have to go anywhere, or do much of anything, I immediately will crack out my tea cup and pot and maybe plate a bit of fruit or a dessert I've saved up for something special. Lately, even as I type this out, I'm on my porch looking out into the green that has sprung from my backyard. Being home daily I have looked and waited for the verdant leaves to come back into it's full glory, so that I may picnic and get some fresh air.

My picnic includes a small cake (that's truthfully too large for me), macarons, a poorly made scone, the sweetest strawberries I have ever tasted, and nutella and banana covered french bread, all paired with a berry tea that I'm enjoying while I alternate between reading The Beauty Spot, by de Musset, and doing some beadwork for a new necklace. I'm head to toe in pink frills, donning my first Triple Fortune bonnet, my pink tea dress I made ages ago, and even have out my pink handkerchief. If I were to ever feel anything like a pointless and out of touch aristocrat or royalty, it would be now, whiling away my hours on my little porch, listening to the sounds of the birds and orchestral music. I don't think people are allowed this much peace, when normal or sneaking away for a few hours.

It's not necessary normal for me, either, not with out an extreme concerted effort. Usually, it's tea at my table, no makeup or wigs, and writing away my hours for a job no one will ever be able to track down connections to me through. (It's nothing nefarious, but I'm not a very good writer, though I do try to be articulate.) But having moved, having this absolutely glorious weather, and trying my hardest to self-isolate during this pandemic, it has afforded me more of these moments.

Minor bouts of gardening may happen, from time to time.
(Mostly, just watering or checking for spots.) 

When it comes to the community, in the past, I have had the wonderful opportunity to engage with some of the most amazing and thrilling people, but I have easily been able to endure on my own. Thankfully, this community of ours seems to be thriving and engaging online with virtual meets and events and I've been able to see people more, though I miss in-person interactions with my more dear friends I have made through the comm. But, again, I have endured. The fashion is something I enjoy daily, and have been able to do so on my own, enjoying the little things. I hope that one day things will be able to return to meets where we get to go to historic mansions, tea parlors, and having people over to enjoy good food and the sounds of friends laughing and chatting.

If you'd like to read more, and learn how other's enjoy the fashion on their own time, you can check out their posts in the links below. If you are interested in joining us in the Carnival you can apply by answering the questionnaire on FB. You're blog has to be 3 months old, with 9 posts on lolita fashion. Your blog also has to be focused mainly on the fashion, but you simply have to add English, along with your native language, to your posts for the LBC, as it is an English based group.


  1. The idea that we are able to motivate other people to express themselves through fashion certainly is one of the best things of this fashion! And I love how you managed to enjoy your afternoon with pretty food and a good book as a companion. <3

    1. It is something very wonderful and fun! Giving people that little push of courage is great, even if it's something small or even not even egl fashion (I got another person to wear their antique pieces more because they thought them too precious to wear normally. But I don't think it makes something any less special to wear it or use it more.)
      I am a foodie. I love pretty foods. Decedent food. It's just a matter of actually eating them that I have an issue, I get too caught up to eat much or I eat a few things and get too full. So, it may take me a few sittings. But they are pleasing to the eye and eventually I'll finish them, one afternoon or another. That just means more tea times to enjoy.

  2. What a lovely post to read. I enjoyed the description of your picnic, which was so well written that I felt as if I could smell the flowers and hear the birds singing. This is truly the epitome of lifestyle lolita.